UPDATE (May 26) Plush BIO disinfectants are not approved by the National Institute of Public Health | The Romanian cosmetics company Plush BIO has started the production of disinfectants and has so far offered free 5000 doses

Mihai Cristea 21/05/2020 | 14:22

Update 2: Following our inquiry to the National Institute of Public Health, the communication department of INSP has confirmed that Plush BIO has not received any approval from the Biocidal Products Committee, and neither has any products in the process of approval with the institution. INSP coordinates the Technical Secretariat of the Biocidal Products Committee.

Update 1: Since the publishing of this article, it has been brought to our attention that Plush BIO is currently the subject of several complaints from customers who reported that the skincare products of the brand were harmful and have left them disfigured. The customers in question say they have filled official complaints with the authorities and are also planning to file lawsuits.

Also in question are Ioana Marinescu’s credentials, as she has previously been presented as “Doctor” and “Dermatologist,” by several media sources, while in fact she is a pharmacist. To this end, Ioana Marinescu was not in a position to prescribe treatment to her customers suffering from acne or other skin related issues.

While the production of disinfectants is not the subject of the recent complaints against Plush BIO, the context does raise a couple of legitimate questions:

Firstly, is this initiative just a PR stunt meant to hijack the conversation from the company’s real issue? While the initiative of producing disinfectants and distributing them free of charge is commendable, and other companies have done the same as Business Review previously reported in the #HELPINGHANDS section, in the case of Plush BIO, our readers should be aware of the ongoing situation involving the company, as BR doesn’t wish to divert attention from such an issue.

A second question should be if the Plush BIO disinfectants are in fact approved by the Romanian Ministry of Health. In this regard, Business Review has inquired to the authorities in question and will update this article with the proper information about the Ministry’s approval for Plush BIO’s disinfectants, or lack thereof.



The Romanian company Plush BIO started the production of disinfectants (70% alcohol) and created, according to the formula approved by the World Health Organization, skin cleansing and hygiene gels. The product was tested in the laboratories of the Cantacuzino Institute and at J.S. Hamilton Poland. The certifications attest to the effectiveness of the formula against various viruses including Coronavirus Human Strain 229E. 5,000 doses of disinfectant were provided free of charge to Plush BIO authorities, NGOs and customers.


The factory where Plush BIO cosmetics are produced in Tătărani village, Prahova county, has purchased ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and excipients / containers since the beginning of the pandemic and has started the production of disinfectants. The company has produced, in accordance with the formula approved by the World Health Organization, skin cleansing and hygiene gels. The investment amounted to 120,000 euros, including the purchase of alcohol, that of air less containers to avoid evaporation of alcohol from the product and dermatological and efficiency tests.

So far, Plush BIO has offered free 5000 doses of disinfectants to the Timiș County Police Inspectorate, the local police in sector 1 of Bucharest, Bărcănești commune City Hall, 01836 Otopeni Military Unit and the Care and Assistance Center for Adults with Disabilities Lilieşti-Băi among others. Plush BIO also came to the aid of NGOs, for example, of the Association Din suflet, cu dragoste de copii, but also of its clients, to whom it provided, also free of charge, disinfectants.

At the same time, the employees of the Plush BIO factory continue to work full time, with no restructuring or technical unemployment. The company ensures their transport and compliance with the protection rules corresponding to the state of emergency.

Now more than ever is the time to show solidarity. And we are talking about a solidarity against the clock in this period in which products dedicated to disinfection can protect lives from one day to the next. That’s why I invested and started creating gels so quickly, manufacturing as many as possible and distributing them. Thus, we meet the immediate needs of our authorities, NGOs and clients“, said the founder and owner of Plush luxury BIO cosmetics Ioana Marinescu.

In 2019, Plush BIO started the activity of the factory in Tatarani, which was designed according to all GMP Pharmaceutical regulations in force. The investment was 1.5 million euros, representing the funds of the owner Ioana Marinescu and a loan from the bank. This amount, well above the legal norms required for the operation and production of a cosmetics laboratory, was due to the fact that the technology in the factory is normally intended for the preparation of medicinal products at high standards.

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