Galantom is looking for 2,400 people willing to donate their birthday

Aurel Constantin 24/09/2020 | 13:06

Every single day, the news talks about at least 10 negative events. That is 3650 bad news per year (accidents, assaults, discriminatory acts, corruption, etc.), a very large number compared to the positive news circulated in the public space.

To counterbalance this figure, the Envision Association set out to reach a new record: 3651 good people that donate their birthday. Through one simple question – Do you know what happened last year on your birthday? – people are invited to find out on website the bad news that was announced the previous year for their birthday. The challenge? To #rewritethestory and replace the negative news with positive ones, by giving away their birthday. Specifically, instead of receiving gifts, they should urge their loved ones to make a donation to a cause they support.

Since the beginning of the year, over 1200 people donated their birthday on, and total donations exceeded RON 1.5 million. The number of good deeds has been high in the pandemic, and even though so far we managed to reach only a third of the goal we set, the Galantom team expects people to continue to be generous and think of the less fortunate.

Andrei Chirtoc, one of the founding members of the project, explained: “the pandemic may have stolen our time, mobility or even energy, but it also united us. We can’t let it take away what we value most: generosity. We want to #rewritethestory this year and gather 3651 moments of joy. That is, no less than 3651 birthdays donated, that will tip the scales for the better.”

Among the good people who donated their birthday this year are Andreea Bălan, Cătălina Grama (Jojo), Doru Trăscău (the lead singer of The Mono Jacks), Ilinca Vandici or BRomania. They are just a few of those who have chosen to be generous and used the power of example to encourage their communities to do good deeds.

The campaign continues until the goal of 3,651 donated birthdays is reached, and those who want to donate their birthday, can do it in 4 simple steps:

  1. Go on the website: and see what bad events happened last year on your birthday.
  2. Choose the cause you want to support and rewrite the story. You can choose from the projects of organizations that are already on the platform or you can propose a new organization.
  3. Create a donation page in just a few minutes, filling in a few dates: date of birth, contact details, page name and the amount you intend to raise. Then you will have the opportunity to customize your page with your picture and a motivational text.
  4. Spread the good news. Promote the donation page online, as if it were an invitation to your online party. Encourage your friends to join and, instead of gifts, donate to the cause you support.

On there are several ways in which good people can start a fundraiser for the causes they believe in: sports and personal challenges: 30 Day Smoke Free Challenge, 30 Day Fundraising Challenge, giving away other special days such as weddings or baptisms, but also a passion or talent and much more that can be found here.

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