Metropolitan Life announces the planting of a forest on two hectares, a tree for each individual policy signed in 2020

Mihai Cristea 12/01/2021 | 17:17

Metropolitan Life, one of the most important players on the life insurances and private pensions market in Romania, together with the Children’s Forest Association, announces the planting of a forest on two hectares, one for each individual policy signed in 2020. The trees were planted in Gârbovi and Colelia from Ialomița County.


The partnership with the Children’s Forest Association honors us and is a natural step for us, in direct relation with Metropolitan Life’s protection DNA and vision on protecting life and community. We are planting a tree for each individual policy signed in 2020. It is an innate step through which we are not only conveying communities an empowerment message towards environment protection, but also a reconfirmation of our commitment – we have been here for 21 years and we will continue to see these forests grow for future generations”, says Carmina Dragomir, CEO Metropolitan Life.

The planting action conducted by Metropolitan Life, with the support of Children’s Forest Association, is an extremely important step, which naturally aligns with the company’s values, as the life of our clients, employees, collaborators and partners is important under all aspects, from the way in which they are protected, to the healthy way in which they live. In this context, the extension of the forested areas in Romania helps creating healthy living environments and restoring degraded ecosystems. Furthermore, forests mitigate floods, droughts and noise effects, purify water and insure soil fertility, help control erosion, protect drinking water resources and can help process wastewater. Forests can mitigate climate change and help adjust infectious diseases.

“We are very pleased that Metropolitan Life is joining this project, which is close to our hearts: the establishment of forests in 100 communities in the South-Muntenia region. This area may become a defense shield against climate change, but it is insufficiently funded for afforestation and biodiversity conservation. With a scientific recommendation of at least 20% forest fund for the lowland area, the seven counties surrounding Bucharest hardly reach an average of 2.5-5%, making our efforts even more urgent. In 2020, despite the uncertainty caused by the COVD-19 pandemic, we were able to plant the future forests in five new communities in Ialomița and Prahova counties: Colelia, Ghighiu, Berceni, Florești and Dumbrăvești. I know that whatever the future of humanity is, we will need forests to exist and the joy of being around them, to live!”, says Teodora Alexandra Pălărie, President of the Children’s Forest Association.

The climate changes represent an urgent risk at global level and it is our responsibility to play an active role in identifying suitable solutions. Through this project, Metropolitan Life supports the individual and family wellness, in addition to financial protection offered by the insurance products.

In Romania, Metropolitan Life and MetLife Foundation Metropolitan Life and the MetLife Foundation are involved in social responsibility programs, such as financial education, health education and social inclusion, for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2020, Metropolitan Life supported the health system with over 1,100,000 lei to come to the aid of doctors, military personnel and police officers who are fighting in the front line against the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic in Romania. The company will continue to be involved in projects to support the local community, complementing the support of financial education and social inclusion with actions to protect the environment, designed to support in the coming years the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the country.

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