Lipton brings innovation in the Ice Tea category and introduces the bottle made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic

Mihai Cristea 07/10/2020 | 15:34

Lipton becomes a 100% circular brand joining the current consumer trends and actual environmental needs. In response to the global movement, Lipton has aligned its sustainability strategy and has already introduced the new 100% rPET packaging in Western European markets, starting with 2019. Now, it extends the initiative in the Romanian market, making an important step on the sustainability agenda. The brand is committed to facilitate the transition from virgin plastic packaging to packaging made of 100% recycled plastic, for the entire portfolio, starting with Q4 2020 until the begining of 2021.


Starting with August 2020, Lipton Ice Tea, a brand bottled and distributed by PepsiCo, launched on the Romanian market the new 100% rPET (recycled PET). Aiming to protect the environment, the brand contributes by controlling the amount of virgin plastic placed on the market. The Lipton approach records a reduction of approximately 500 tons of virgin plastic for the Romanian market in the first year of transition, thus contributing significantly in the fight against plastic waste. At the same time, in the global production process of Lipton rPET bottles, a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 40% is estimated, compared to the production of virgin plastic bottles.

Thus, Lipton proposes an innovation through the new bottles, available throughout the entire portfolio, and becomes a 100% circular and sustainable brand. Along with the 100% rPET packaging, the structure of the product label also changes, becoming floatable, i.e. it will be easily detached from the bottle during the selective recycling process. Therefore, the new Lipton glass is 100% recyclable, allowing each component to be easily identified and sorted in the recycling process. Lipton bottles will have a much longer life cycle, with the possibility of being reintroduced into the system up to 6 times, through the recycling process.

“In 2020, we are not just talking about a process of acquisition and consumption. We are not even talking about a consumer attracted only by the direct attributes of a brand or a product. This is why Lipton is talking about change today. Companies need to implement best practices not only in terms of product development, but also in the entire end-to-end process – from packaging to recycling. And we aim to become a 100% circular brand through the new rPET. We want to respond to the needs of consumers who embrace the idea of ​​responsible consumption and seek to empathise with brand values, not just with their products. Last but not least, we have developed a sustainable business strategy, which aims to differentiate the brand both in terms of products in the portfolio, but also to contribute to the well-being of communities and to environmenal protectiont. By keeping the same taste already appreciated by our consumers, we managed to add value to the brand, both on the shelf and in the environment”, said Veronica Panita, Senior Brand Manager Lipton.

By innovating at packaging level, with the new 100% rPET bottle and the floating label, Lipton Ice Tea remains the same brand recognized for the delicious taste and refreshing attributes of the products in its portfolio.

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