Archivist, data analyst, content creator, copywriter: what are the jobs which ChatGPT could take in Romanian companies?

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 18/03/2023 | 11:20

ChatGPT technology, which generates answers and texts with the help of artificial intelligence, could fulfill various tasks and roles, especially those involving repetitive work, in companies in Romania. Specifically, ChatGPT could be an assistant, archivist, data analyst, blog content creator, or junior copywriter, having a support role for Romanian employees. At the same time, ChatGPT relieves employees of certain tasks and offers them new professional opportunities. Thus, they can obtain more important functions and develop professionally and personally, according to an analysis carried out by several Romanian IT, digital marketing, and HR companies.


ChatGPT can save Romanians from boring work

Companies in Romania believe that GhatGPT or similar technology could not replace employees, but rather could take over part of the daily activities, especially the routine ones.

“At this moment, ChatGPT could successfully have an archivist position, for generating various information related to events, and a junior copywriter position”, believes Andrei Georgescu, co-founder of White Image, the largest email marketing company in Romania. The entrepreneur points out that the application will not be able to replace the work of a professional, considering that it currently delivers a lot of erroneous answers, but various junior positions could be affected.

At the same time, in the opinion of entrepreneur Roxana Epure, Managing Partner of NextUp Solutions, advanced technologies, such as ChatGPT, represent a manifestation of the automation needs of the business environment.

“ChatGPT can take over any repetitive task, such as information needed by customers, or evaluation tasks such as customer satisfaction surveys. This way, I can support my employees to get away from boring work and have time and energy to be creative. The hierarchical position is not important for robots, so I would not take it upon myself to promote him, but to charge him with as many interdepartmental communication tasks as possible or with clients”, says Roxana Epure, Managing Partner of NextUp Solutions, one of the largest Romanian software solutions companies.

Also, Daniel Ene, CMO&Partner Limitless Agency, one of the largest digital marketing agencies, points out that if ChatGPT was an employee, he would get a support position to help employees, to be able to learn and optimize the flows in each department.

Also, Elena Georgescu, founder of the headhunting company True People, believes that the jobs of data analysis, programming, research, or data administration can be partially fulfilled by technologies like ChatGPT. Conversely, jobs that require creativity, human interaction, and high emotional intelligence will not be easily replicated by such technologies.


Could ChatGPT replace managers in companies?

According to representatives of the METAMINDS company, although ChatGPT can fulfill various tasks and roles in an organization, it does not have the same skills and qualities that humans have and that are required for leadership positions.

“Therefore, ChatGPT would be more suitable as a tool or assistant than as an employee or manager in an organization. ChatGPT can help in research, analysis, reporting, communication, and problem-solving, but it cannot replace human judgment, creativity, empathy, ethics, and vision”, explains Marius Marinescu, CTO of METAMINDS. The cybersecurity specialist points out that ChatGPT can also be used for destructive activity by cybercriminals to generate phishing emails or malicious code for large-scale malware attacks that can bypass traditional detection methods.

Also, the representatives of the IT company Thoughtworks Romania emphasize that the GhatGPT application could not fulfill important responsibilities in a company, nor could it replace employees. According to Ina Iovițoiu, Lead Data Scientist at Thoughtworks Romania, ChatGPT technology does not have the capabilities to make logical decisions that involve criticism because it currently does not excel in this chapter, which is why it could not reach very high in the hierarchy. Thus, in the opinion of the specialist, a suitable role could be that of an intelligent assistant for the Customer Support department, where he can guide customers in various operational processes or provide basic information.


ChatGPT, a basic solution in the marketing industry?!

Given that ChatGPT’s main skill is text creation, it could play an important role in marketing activities, bringing big changes to the creative industry.

According to the specialists from White Image, the largest email marketing agency in Romania, ChatGPT can be partially used in creative and SEO activities in advertising agencies, digital marketing, or in the marketing departments of companies. “I don’t think ChatGPT could be a basic technology in marketing, given that all the information it provides has to be verified and it can’t analyse complex situations. No matter how much is speculated on this topic, we are far from this point”, explains Andrei Georgescu, co-founder of White Image.

At the same time, Daniel Ene, CMO&Partner Limitless Agency, emphasizes that an application like ChatGPT will not be able to replace a person or a department in the digital marketing industry, but the possibilities are unlimited. According to the digital marketing specialist, ChatGPT can create ads, generate content ideas and texts for websites and blogs, search for keywords, generate titles and descriptions for the SEO area and, by default, generate content for product pages and category pages in an online store. “The hardest thing for this tool is the SEO part for a website or online store. We don’t see this being possible at least soon, but it can help us a lot. Now from the tests done by us, at least in Romania and in the Romanian language, the results are not great, but we know that they will be much improved in short periods”, concludes Daniel Ene, CMO&Partner Limitless Agency.

Finally, from the perspective of recruiting employees, Elena Georgescu, founder of True People, points out that artificial intelligence can replace all roles that are based on information and data analysis, but not those that are based on the human, emotional, empathy, and the relationship between people. Jobs with a chatbot component for customer support, analyst roles, data reporting, communication elements, and basic programming can be done by technology, but AI is unlikely to take over strategy and leadership and crisis communication roles or even commercial.

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