#Top100entrepreneurs: Top 10 Romanian businesses that have gone global

Ioana Erdei 20/12/2018 | 14:13

The last two years have been extremely favorable for Romanian businesses that wanted to expand abroad. Dozens of domestic companies have developed business either in the region, such as the case of eMag, or RCD & RDS, or on several continents, such as UiPath, Salad
Box or Bitdefender. Business Review presents some of the Romanian companies that have managed to conquer the international markets.

Daniel Dines, CEO & Founder, UiPath.
UiPath Conference, London.

1. UiPath
The Romanian unicorn concludes year 2018 with over 1,700 employees, three times the
number in 2017, developing business operations in 30 offices in 25 cities such as New York,
Washington, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Seoul, Dubai or Paris. The company has reached a
value of $3 billion in 2018 and has plans to get listed on the Nasdaq market in about two
years. UiPath now has more than 1,800 global customers, a list which adds 6 new corporate
clients per day. UiPath customers include General Electric Co., Walmart Inc. and Chevron



2. Bitdefender
In the autumn of 2018 Bitdefender took over the Australian market partner, the SMS eTech
company, as part of the global business expansion strategy. Bitdefender's acquisition
strengthens the company's position in the Asia-Pacific region and globally by creating its
own subsidiary Bitdefender Australia. At the end of October Bitdefender also bought the
Dutch company RedSocks Security BV, the first technology company bought by the cyber
security solution manufacturer so far. Bitdefender has established its local presence in the
USA, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United Arab
Emirates, Sweden, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.




Dan Isai Salad Box
Dan Isai Salad Box

3. Salad Box
The salad Box restaurant chain specializes in salads and fresh food. At the beginning of the
year 2018 the company operated 70 restaurants in 11 countries on three continents. Today
you can also order a salad Box salad in New York, Amsterdam and London. The story of the
Salad Box began in 2012, when Dan Isai opened the first outlet with three other friends in
Cluj. The deal was so popular that they opened 12 more restaurants within a year. Dan Isai is
also a shareholder at Narcoffee Roasters, the chain of cafes which is to open a new café in
Cluj Napoca while still having three in Bucharest. The company opened a new location in
Prague, and the development plan also includes other cafes in Milan, London, Los Angeles
and New York.

4. SoftVision
Softvision is the software company established in 1994 by a Romanian established in San
Francisco, Laurentiu Russo. The company has become a global provider of IT consultancy
software and services. It has over 2,850 employees of which in Romania about a third. The
company was founded in Silicon Valley, having its current headquarters in Austin, Texas. It
has offices in cities such as Vancouver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo or New
York. In the summer of this year it was taken over by the US-based IT service provider
Cognizant Technology.






5. eMAG
The largest online store in Romania has business in Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria and
continues its investments both in the country and abroad. EMAG has 4.26 million customers
in Romania, 890,000 in Bulgaria, 1.41 million in Hungary and 1.01 million customers in
Poland. The company plans to open its first showrooms abroad as of 2019. Iulian Stanciu,
founder of eMAG, estimates that profit throughout the group will be visible in about two
years. The company is approaching a turnover of EUR 1 billion.

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