Highest and cheapest gasoline prices by country: Romania moves up 6 positions in the ranking

Newsroom 02/06/2014 | 08:00

The Bloomberg Gas Price Ranking sorts 61 countries by average price at the pump and by “pain at the pump,” which measures the percentage of an average day’s wages needed to buy a gallon of fuel, writes Bloomberg.

Romanians pay USD 7.38 per gallon of gasoline (EUR1.41 / litre), which makes Romania the 24th most expensive country in terms of fuel.  The price of gasoline in Romania increased 16 percent, the most in the 61-nation ranking. The country moved nine positions higher in the rank of most expensive gas.

Average daily income in Romania is USD 26, Bloomberg also notes, which means that it takes 28 percent of a day’s wages to buy a gallon of gas.

According to the ranking, Romania has more expensive gasoline than its neighbor Hungary (USD 7.05 per gallon) or Austria (USD 7.13 per gallon).

Gas prices are from March 31-April 29. Octane levels for regular gasoline vary, so the cheapest widespread option was used for each country. Data weren’t available for all nations, and the list excludes countries with per capita daily income less than $3.50.

Top 10 highest gasoline prices
Norway (price per gallon of gasoline: USD 9.79)
Netherlands (USD 9.46)
Italy (USD 9.34)
Denmark (USD 9.14)
Greece (USD 8.81)
Belgium (USD 8.68)
Portugal (USD 8.56)
Germany (USD 8.50)
Turkey (USD 8.47)
Finland (USD 8.44)

Top 10 lowest gasoline prices
Mexico (USD 3.58 per gallon)
Russia (USD 3.19)
Malaysia (USD 2.42)
Nigeria (USD 2.23)
United Arab Emirates (USD 1.77)
Iran (USD 1.52)
Egypt (USD 1.01)
Kuwait (USD 0.81)
Saudi Arabia (USD 0.45)
Venezuela (USD 0.04)

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