10 things Jordan Belfort will teach you in Bucharest

Newsroom 14/05/2014 | 17:12

The Wolf of Wall Street is coming to Romania on November 18 at the invitation of Extreme Training. He will present his famous Straight Line Persuasion System.

The system created by Jordan is conceived so as to align the necessary forces to generate success in any business environment. You will learn the key elements that govern business and persuasion as well as the specific strategies and techniques necessary to build, manage, promote and grow a company to the highest level.

Prices to attend the conference start at EUR 375 (access and event file) and reach EUR 790 (access, lunch, photo and autograph from Jordan Belf0rt).

In order to receive the discount you must use the special discount code “REVIEW” when you register online to the event.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a BR subscriber or not, the only thing you need to get 150 EUR off of your registration is the discount code, available until June 15.


Business Review readers can enjoy a SPECIAL EUR 50 discount that will be available until June 15.

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The Top 10 things you will learn

The secret to closing any deal, every single time, with calm and self assurance, without any kind of pressure
It’s elegant, classic and extremely efficient. You will learn how to create immediate rapport, how to control the conversation brilliantly and how to successfully close the deal.

The art and science of the Straight Line prospecting system.
You will learn how to develop a multi-million Euros sales pipeline.

The four key elements to creating ethical presentations to effectively close deals
Most sales presentations are totally wrong and in fact stop you from closing the deal as you wish.

How to qickly get into rapport with your prospects and how to exploit this to gather important information.
By using the Straight Line Persuasion prospects are more likely to trust you so that they will tell you what their highest values are and also what are their biggest concers. Having this information, you maximize your chances of closing the deal by at least 60%.

How to immediately counter the buyers’ objections and limiting beliefs, how to transform skeptics into buyers.
This technique is the very secret of the Straight Line and will push your customers to buy. There is a huge difference between you saying “you have to buy” and them saying “I should buy”.

The step by step Straight Line Negotiation process
You will find out the 7 magic words that allow you to get the best prices, every time, both as buyers as well as sellers. You will also know how to use the five elements of the Straight Line to build a logical, emotional, elegant and efficient conversation script.

The four elements of the inner game
These four elements are absolutely essential for your success, determine your mental state and are dominant in any business setting. If you lack only one of these four elements, you risk sabotaging your own success.

The 10 steps formula for building a stream of recommendations and generating clients for life.
With this proven formula, you will make your life a thousand times easier.

And, again, this is just the beginning
Once you have participated to Jordan’s training, Straight Line Persuasion, you’ll be simply unstoppable. You will think, feel and act at a higher level.

Increasing Sales Teams
Training, Managing and Motivating your team to generate a world-class performance. You will learn about top 9 distructive mistakes that ruin your business and you will find out how to use the Straight Line Marketing (creating an efficient online or offline system that works closely with your sales efforts).

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