How To Save On Electricity And Make The Planet Healthier

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 08/07/2022 | 17:27

One thing that should be on everyone’s “To Do” list is finding ways to help the environment. One step closer to giving the next generation of citizens a great world to live in, the smaller the footprint you leave behind. The easiest way that most of us can accomplish this is by saving on electricity throughout our lives.


Let’s dig into this a little deeper and see what we can all do to help save on electricity and make the planet healthier.

  • Lights – Turn the lights off when you leave the room, and teach everyone else in the house to do the same. You will need to get serious if you notice it is still a problem. Purchase some smart light switches. They can turn the light on when you enter and can be controlled through an application if you want the room dark when you are 20 miles away.
  • Light Bulbs – Taking control of the light switches is not enough if you want to save on your electricity consumption and the impact you are having on the Earth. Change all the light bulbs to energy-saving models or smart light bulbs that you can dim down. If you have fluorescent lights, such as in your shop, change them out. Security lights outside should be converted to solar versions, saving a substantial amount on your electricity consumption.
  • Heating And Cooling Controls – Turning the thermostat down just one degree can decrease your electricity by a noticeable amount. It will not affect the overall temperature of your home because your body can easily adjust to one degree of change. You can always install a smart thermostat that you can control while home and away on business. If you have a family that likes to crank the thermostat, this application on your mobile device will be a life saver because you can set it and then lock it.
  • Compare Service Providers – One of the best ways to reduce your electricity consumption is to compare service providers. The best way to do this is to go to an online comparison platform, such as the iSelect compare electricity in NSW platform, and let them do all the hard work for you. Based upon some of your information, they will match you with some of their partners that will work with you to get better service than you have now, which is cheaper.
  • Cold Water For Laundry – You know how much laundry you have to do in a week, but do you realize how much energy that takes when you wash in warm or hot. Put the settings on cold and leave them there. Most of the laundry soaps available on the market can work with any water temperature, unlike a decade ago.
  • Less Hot Water In Your Shower – Turn the water down while in the shower, and cut it shorter than you usually do. The hot water may feel fantastic on your body, but the environment does not like it. If you cannot get other people in your home to follow this rule, turn the hot water heater down, so it does not produce such hot water.

Making the planet healthier is not something you can do all by yourself, but you can make a difference by decreasing your electricity consumption. Every little bit helps, especially if you teach your kids how to reduce their footprints on the Earth.

If you have the means to convert part, or all, of your energy to renewable resources, such as solar panels or windmill turbines, you should do it. Renewable energy is the ultimate goal for the world, and many energy providers have already started the transition over, but the people of the Earth have a long way to go. We must all work together to get the job done before it is too late.

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