How to Manage your College Workload

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 27/08/2021 | 15:28

The transition from high school to college isn’t always easy. It can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but it‘s often a battle at first as you try to juggle all your new responsibilities and tackle the learning curve that comes with new learning experiences.

You have to learn how to keep to strict deadlines, study for exams, do projects and still have some time for yourself. Here are ways to manage your college workload effectively.


Select the right combination of courses

Before you start your academic year, you will need to select your courses, and this is where you can make sure you don’t take on an unreasonable load. Take a look at what credits are required per year for your program and consult with an academic adviser to help you make your choices. 

It can make a difference if you select a good combination of courses that range from ones with a heavy workload to others with a lighter workload. 


Use a calendar

When you’re studying, staying organized is crucial for success. If you try to wing it, you will feel stressed. Using a calendar, whether it’s physical or digital, makes a difference. For a start, you will need to keep track of the due dates of all your assignments and tests. You can then factor in your classes and any other events, extra-curricular activities etc. 

Once you have an accurate, up-to-date calendar of the due dates of all your important tests, projects, class discussions and assignments, you will feel less overwhelmed because you have a visual idea of what you need to do. 


Plan how to complete tasks

Creating a calendar is just the starting point that allows you to plan how you will complete your tasks. If you have an exam on a certain date, you will have to schedule time to study. Scheduling study sessions will set you up for academic success and prevent having to spend all night trying to memorize notes.  

If you’re really having difficulties finding enough time to write assignments, you may have to cut out some of your extra-curricular activities. You may also be able to find help with your assignments to free up time for equally important tasks. 


Ask for help from professionals

When you’re struggling with a heavy workload, it can be difficult to prioritize what’s most important. If you’re battling to study, read your required readings, and complete assignments, it’s possible to buy plagiarism free research papers from Edubirdie. Professional writers working on this online site can provide the help you need. When you see what they’ve written, you can learn more about what’s required in terms of referencing etc. and accelerate your learning curve to success. 

Find a suitable study space

Having the right study place where you feel most productive and don’t have too many distractions is important. Your dorm room may be noisy and unsuitable for study. College libraries are often a good place to study as there are usually nooks you can use with comfortable stools and tables.


Use different study techniques

Drawing diagrams, highlighting important points, creating mental associations, speaking out loud while reading or using mnemonic devices are all techniques that can help you to retain information rather than just reading.

Today educational software for students includes interactive lessons with multi-media content that can provide an easier way for more visually oriented students to learn.


Take breaks

It can be hard to find a balance when you’re a student. All play and no work or all work and no play are both the wrong way to go. If all you do is go to class, study and do little else, you may find you suffer from burnout.

Not taking any breaks is counterproductive in that your focus will be affected and you will learn less and less efficiently. Make sure that you take breaks to refresh your mind and energize yourself. If you can find a good balance between working and staying healthy in mind and body, you have the most chance of academic success.



If you don’t want a heavy workload to crush you, following the above tips will help you to minimize your stress. Taking the right courses, managing your time effectively, using the right study methods, finding a balance between work and play and keeping yourself healthy will help you to make the most of your college experience. You will handle all your tasks and still find time to have some fun.


Author’s Bio:

Kaitlyn Butler works for a large publishing firm and this has been her full-time career since her college days. She was mentored by a veteran academic writer in her college, and since then, she has never looked back. Her free time is for playing volleyball, doing watercolor painting and listening to hip hop.


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