6 Things to Know About Studying Business and Economy

Mihai Cristea 16/03/2021 | 16:58

For over a decade, business and economy degree programs have been more and more popular among students. Today, these majors beat records in terms of enrollment. So, given such fierce competition, schools providing high-quality business education let themselves be highly selective.


However, quite a few people know what it means to study business and economy. For example, everyone’s aware that studying law requires you to memorize lots of materials and write dozens of essays. Becoming a doctor means studying for eight years and cramming anatomy and physiology. 

Yet, very little is known about business and economy. This realm is heavily romanticized. Many students do not know what they will encounter when they are finally enrolled. 

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You’ll Have to Study Lots of Math and Statistics

The assumption about math and statistics is very much correct. Being competent in business and economy is all about seeing figures and being able to interpret them. Therefore, you’ll study how to calculate, model, arrange and forecast using the best math and statistical practices.

Be prepared that these disciplines will take most of your time during the first two years of studies. Supply chain management, distribution, and business administration follow all the fundamental courses. So, if you are not a fan of math, you should either reconsider choosing a business career or get prepared for a couple of tough years.

You’ll Have to Write Papers

Every discipline in the business and economy program will require you to submit essays. There is literally no program now that would free you from writing. Therefore, if you choose business to avoid essays, math and calculations won’t save you. Be ready.

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Studying Business Doesn’t Guarantee You an Executive-Level White-Collar Job

It was once established that a formal degree in business and economy brings you to top management positions. Today, the competition among graduates is fierce. If you long for a breathtaking career in the world’s best corporations, you’ll have to work hard to land a job.

Education is no longer a privilege, it’s a must. Thus, it no longer gives you an advantage until you prove what you are worthy of. Be prepared to work hard to achieve more.

You’ll Have to Study a Lot

It’s not only doctors and lawyers who have to learn lots of information by heart. As a business or economy student, you’ll have to learn local, federal, and state business and labor laws and regulations as well.

Even if you are not required to learn these materials by heart, you’ll need to get into the matter and see the logic and causal links everywhere. Only when you understand the nature of certain economic phenomena, you’ll be able to apply this knowledge in practice.

Honestly, it’s hard to decide what is actually harder to do – to memorize existing materials or get into the depth and understand the fundamentals.

You Don’t Have to Be a Startupper

Getting a degree in business and economy is more about managing big corporations or developing a country’s economic advantages rather than becoming a business owner. Entrepreneurial skills and willingness to take risks are what make one a businessman. 

Thus, if you study business now, you are not obliged to generate creative business ideas in lockdown and start up your ventures. Instead, you should be able to foresee where the global or regional economy goes to envision future trends and strengthen the existing positions.

You’ll Need to Learn Languages

Learning a new language is always recommended. It develops our cognitive skills and helps us think outside-the-box. Yet, for business students knowing languages is a must. You won’t succeed in the competition for a position until you demonstrate your linguistic competencies.

Why? The answer is simple. Business is very much globalized. The company can’t even think about growing and expanding if its staff doesn’t speak multiple languages. You should choose the language strategically to be among the very few people who can speak it.

Final Words

Studying business and economy is interesting and exciting. You get into the matter of global processes as well as learn to forecast changes or even direct them. Still, it does not make business or economy studies easier than certain other disciplines.

On the contrary, you have to dive deeply and understand the fundamentals. At the same time, you should be able to determine the trends to compete in the market. Business and economy major does not make you an entrepreneur, but it certainly makes you a thinker and a process innovator.

Hopefully, this article managed to debunk certain myths and stereotypes surrounding the topic. Consider all reasons why you want to study business and economy. If you feel that your heart belongs to this field, do not hesitate to apply. However, if you have other reasons, you’d better reconsider your choices.

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