Call4Leaders | Raluca Resmerita (Druid): Digital transformation was prioritized since the start of COVID-19

Aurel Constantin 03/07/2020 | 05:46

The process of digital transformation has been prioritized since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitalization is a subject for companies since a couple years ago, but the crisis has accelerated the process, as companies understood that technology can help them to continue and to grow their business, as Raluca Resmerita, Sales Director at Druid, said at the first video-conference Call4Leaders organized by Business Review.

”During the restriction period, we continued working at full speed. It was interesting that we had two roles, one of a company with employees who had to work from home and one of technology provider for our customers. From dealing with our employees we understood what customers needed and knew how to help them,” said Raluca Resmerita.

Since the customers were the one that came to Druid for help, the company was forced to be more flexible. ”And flexibility was the differentiator for us, not only as far as the technology capabilities is concerned, but also as a mind-set. It is a favorable context for technology, either chatbots or RPA, and a good moment to step up up the road to digital transformation,” said Resmerita.

”At Druid, we expanded in two direction during this period. The first was the automation of internal processes, in order to make customers life easier when it comes to move employees from office to work-from-home. We invested time in creating chatbots for internal processes, for HR or other departments, chatbots that served as an assistant for each employee and helped with certificates or signing contracts from distance. We tried to respond quickly to everything that means internal processes so that employees do not feel the lack of elements they had in the office. An example would be the one from Banca Transilvania, where we made an analysis to see how many certificates were issued by chatbos since their implementation and we reached a total of 26,000. If they were issued manually, it would have taken a long time, and during this restrictions period it would have been impossible. Or 2,000 requests for holydays made automatically on the phone. The second one was In the area of ​​external chatbots, there was an increase in the banking sector, where it was obvious that it will happen as a result of laws to postpone bank rates and where there have been many requests from customers. We managed, together with UiPath, to get the robots to work with each other and we reduced by up to 97 percent the analysis time of a request to postpone the bank rates,” said Raluca Resmerita.

In the healthcare area, Druid and Regina Maria managed to have over 1 million conversations every month between chatbots and patients. They saved a lot of time because patients found the answers to the questions.

”There is an openness from customers and I felt this from the beginning. At first, it was just a curiosity, to see what it’s like to have a chatbot in the company. Our challenges were more on the area to change the mentality of employees and to take them out of the routine of the processes that eat them for a long time and to move them to this area of ​​digitization, automation through AI tools. We managed to go through two ways: we got more involved in the process of changing mentalities and we managed to be present on the communication platforms they were used to,” said Resmerita.

Another challenge was the lack of face-to-face communication. ”Remote communication has led to a delay in the implementation process, but we were lucky because our technology can be implemented remotely. We have completed projects that started during this period, implementations made even in 5 days,” said Raluca, explaining that now things are getting better, as people have adapted to this new reality.

”Chatbot technology is suitable in any industry. As suppliers, we have seen growth in all sectors, not just a few. Especially in the B2B2C area, where we had interesting projects. In the insurance sector or in agriculture. We also have projects in the courier area, especially since they had a very difficult period and automation was needed, we have an interesting project with Fan Courier, to facilitate communication between them and their customers”

”When it comes to automation, companies should first make an analysis, to see which processes bring added value and which can be automated. There is no one size fits all, no two companies are alike. Without analysis you start chaotically, you do not realize what is the first step to be taken, where the most time is lost and where the most money is lost. Then we build a suitable solution together. Technology and the relationship with our partners helped us because we were able to create many use-cases on different topics. Through the partnership we have with UiPath, we offer a complete automation package precisely to help our customers make the step towards digitization easier,” said Raluca Resmerita.

”We have seen, during this period of restrictions, that productivity has not decreased. Companies need to provide employees with the tools they need to stay productive, and these tools will make a difference in the future. Those who refuse the digital transformation will suffer.”

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