Call for Leaders | Alexandru Cociorvei (Connect44 Romania): It’s essential to assume our role and take immediate actions that will help or maybe even save other businesses

Mihai Cristea 26/03/2020 | 18:44

Call for Leaders – 3Q is a new category where Business Review features our 3 questions with some of Romania’s top business professionals, bringing a positive, insightful, or otherwise constructive view of their markets in the context of the current crisis.


Current conversation: Alexandru Cociorvei, Managing Director Connect44 Romania


What steps have you taken to assure the business functions with minimal disruption during this period?

For our clients it’s essential for us to continue working, so we do it, we are helping with our jobs, but from the safety of our homes. The complex context in which we are living is an unprecedented one. I think it’s essential for us to find solutions that can be implemented very fast and are an “immediate” response.

The Connect44 Romanian team has already made the switch to working from home. More than 97% of my colleagues have been working remotely for the last two weeks from the safety of their own homes. Working for companies that are from all over the world helped us implement remote work promptly and we adapted very quickly to the situation.

More than that, we offered teams all the support, technical and logistical, that they needed to continue working from home, with minimal disruption. From hardware like monitors or desktop units to ensure they have the right bandwidth, we made the necessary adjustments, no matter where our colleague’s homes are to provide the same services our clients are used to.

Our clients need to continue working and we need to provide them with the means to do it but from the safety of our homes.


What’s your advice for business leaders during this crisis?

“Unity” is the essential word we must use in the days and months that will come. Each of us must play our part and we must support one another to get through these trying times.

We have to understand the complexity of our Romanian business environment. Companies that haven’t been affected too hard by the Covid-19 health crisis must ensure that they support their partners and the entire business ecosystem.  This means everything must be done correctly and timely, from paying invoices on time and as scheduled, to ensure cash flow for their partners in need that are depending on those sums. The State needs money now, more than ever, so taxes must be paid if we have the necessary liquidities, to provide aid to industries that are much more affected. We are making sure that all Connect44 payments towards the State or private suppliers are done on time, some of them even earlier than the due date, in order to help those that are more affected than us by this crisis.

Now is the time to think of others, from an economic point of view, because we are all dependent on each other. It’s essential to assume our role and take immediate actions that will help or maybe even save other businesses.


What’s the most positive business news you’ve read today and want to share it?

It’s fantastic what Code4 Romania is doing these days and I appreciate their approach entirely. They have taken some wonderful people that are working in our industry and they are doing everything for us to be better informed, for us to know from where to choose the correct information. They announced the launch of that will offer guidelines for all Romanians, will provide information about what everybody should do in these trying times and what scenarios should be taken into consideration that can happen.

I am sure the NGO’s volunteers worked day and night for this website to be ready so fast and I appreciate that our industry is coming together. I already said it, but I want to emphasize it: It is essential to be united and show that Romanians are capable of doing wonderful things together.

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