The best paid management jobs are in IT, with an average salary of RON 10,500

Aurel Dragan 17/12/2018 | 14:57

The Romanian workforce needs not only blue and white collar workers, but also management staff. A total of 9,000 management positions were available in 2018 on, with an average salary of RON 7,662, the largest being in the capital.

The number of management job vacancies increased in 2018 by about 10 percent over the previous year, with companies bringing more than 9,000 such jobs to the market. Most of these were addressed to candidates with sales experience (2,016 jobs), logistics (1,166 jobs) or banking (713 jobs). The top of the sectors for which was the largest search for managers in 2018 continues with food and HoReCa, marketing, procurement, construction, finance/accounting, engineering and IT.

“Just as last year, sales dominate this top. The difference is that, unlike in 2017, the number of jobs for managers in sales has doubled. The number of open positions in food and HoReCa, IT and financial and accounting also increased. All the signals we get from employers at the end of the year show that things will be just as dynamic next year and that we will probably see even more impressive growth in IT, financial and, of course, again, on sales,” says Bogdan Badea, eJobs Romania CEO.

Regarding the wages offered by geographical region, the best paid managers remain in Bucharest and Ilfov. The average salary for this professional level is RON 7,662 per month, according to, the eJobs payroll comparator. The Northwest region of the country is the second most attractive area for managers in terms of income, with a net salary average of RON 6,281.

“Cluj-Napoca is the city that raises this region very much because of the explosion of business in recent years and the fact that as a university center it has a huge number of candidates. That is an argument that has a lot of weight for companies that want to open headquarters outside of Bucharest. For this reason, wages have increased exponentially here in recent years and, in many positions, are at a level very close to or even equal to those in the Capital,” says Badea.

Timisoara is the second city to try to catch up with Bucharest in terms of salary, making the Western region the third most attractive destination for managers with a salary average of RON 5,975 per month. The top continues with the South (Muntenia) area, where the average salary is RON 5,866 and the center area (RON 5,830).

Revenue decreases significantly as we move towards the eastern part of the country. Managers in the Northeast region report average revenues of RON 5,290 per month and RON 5,792 in the South East. The lowest wages are, however, in the Oltenia area (Southwest region) – RON 5,186.

“At a higher level, if we are talking about the managers who receive the highest wages, IT executives are best paid, with a salary average of RON 10,500. They are settled by the financial directors, who have a salary average of RON 8,900, by the marketing and sales directors (with an average of RON 8,800) and the logistics managers (RON 8,200),” adds Badea.

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