What You Need to Know When Studying Marketing in the United States

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 09/11/2021 | 12:45

You’ve decided to study marketing in the United States…what follows? Preparing should come next. Remember, marketing is a field for born leaders and people who are competitive, innovative, persuasive, and extroverted. Before getting into what you need to succeed in your classes and future profession, let’s see why anyone would want to study marketing, and what makes this career such a valuable asset.


Why Would I Study Marketing?

Studying marketing is a bold choice but an amazing opportunity to expand your career. Here’s why you should consider studying marketing.


Marketing is a wonderful career choice if you enjoy variety in your work. In the morning, you could be optimizing a website; you could be setting up email campaigns before lunch, and in the afternoon, you could be working on content strategies and meeting with new businesses.

It’s a fast-growing industry

Because technology has advanced so swiftly, marketing had to adapt and evolve to this pace. Marketers have access to a variety of fascinating tools and technology, so the possibilities are endless. So, if you enjoy technology, you’ll also enjoy marketing.

There’s a huge need for marketers on the market

Marketers are in high demand all across the world. The marketing business has a big skills shortage. Many industry statistics from throughout the world demonstrate that there simply aren’t enough marketers to help, which may help to explain why so many marketing campaigns fail. If job security is important to you, marketing would be a great career option.

You can work online

Marketing abilities transcend national boundaries, and if you’re good, you can work from anywhere on the planet. Your talents will be transferable to other locations, allowing you to easily relocate. It also means you can become independent and work as a digital nomad from anywhere you want to be.

It’s a social career

You’ll be expanding your network and meeting new people continuously. Your new coworkers, suppliers, partners, and technology business partners will expand your horizon and help you think outside the box. So, if you’re a social butterfly, marketing could be a great career choice.

What Should I Know About Studying Marketing in the US?

When studying marketing in the United States, you can expect a lot of hard work, continuous development of strategic thinking, and tons of practical experience. Do you believe you have what it takes to pursue a career in marketing? Here’s what you need to know about becoming a marketing major.

  1. Take on a double major

While you’re in school, you should learn as much as can about marketing and its career satellites, including business, advertising, and public relations. International students should consider pursuing a double major, such as public relations and marketing or marketing and business; these degrees complement one another because they are all relevant to the marketing field.

Any degree in business, marketing, public relations, or advertising typically requires students to take classes that are comparable or the same. That being said, you can transfer credits from one of these majors to the other; this allows you to acquire two degrees at the same time, which can be highly valuable for your prospective career.

2. Expect lots of case studies

International students should also know that they might be reading a significant number of case studies. Case studies are extensive assessments of previous campaigns. They showcase the organization’s marketing efforts and are used in class to teach marketing and business students about important principles, tactics, or concepts. They are also frequently used to teach students what they should do in challenging marketing scenarios or what they should avoid. So, try to recall the case studies reviewed in class, they’ll be relevant when preparing for your future career.

Another essential trick is studying quantitative data problems while in school. Just like with case studies, these problems will teach you how to become a successful marketing student. You will develop new statistical methods skills and learn how to properly write a description of summarization. You will learn how to define your sources of information, identify consumer behavior, and classify product perceptions. By staying updated on the latest marketing trends, you’ll take your business education to an advanced level.

3. Be a team-player

One of the most crucial things to remember when learning how to study marketing is that you’ll need to work well with others. Be aware that in many group projects, teammates assign scores to each other at the end of the project. This can impact your overall grade in the class. In the marketing field, being a leader is vital, but you also need to learn how to follow; marketing professionals typically work in teams, so the sooner you learn how to collaborate with others, the better!

4. Don’t skip class

Seriously. Attending class and paying attention can be really beneficial. Some students believe that if they read the textbook, they will be able to get by, but this is not the case with a marketing major! Marketing professors have extensive industry expertise, and the topics they cover in class are mostly practical. They can deliver information that you could never find in a book. I believe it’s safe to say that after you’ve figured out this easy yet obvious strategy, you’re on your way to learning how to study marketing.

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to it when it comes to learning about marketing in the United States. Hopefully, you’ve absorbed this knowledge and will put it to good use. Choose a double major, pay attention in class, learn to work in a team, and make an effort to attend every class to get the most out of your college degree.

Author Bio:

Kaitlyn Butler is a marketing professional for a popular magazine. She specializes in business-to-business idea delivery and studies engineering. In her free time, Kaitlyn teaches economics at a local college.

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