WebDigital finalist in Global Search Awards competition with “Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC)”

Mihai Cristea 30/07/2020 | 16:14

2020 came with multiple good news for the WebDigital team and all good news come after a lot of effort of our team to deliver amazing results for the company’s partners.

After the nomination in European Search Awards competition for Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC) from April WebDigital had 3 nominations in Global Digital Excellence Award competition and one of them was a winner. WebDigital became Global PPC Agency of the Year (small).

The most recent nomination is in the final of Global Search Awards competition where the Romanian company managed toqualify with e-acumulatori.ro project for Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC). For this project WebDigital generated 16 times more sales with a 11% lower budget in less than one month.

WebDigital took over the account in april 2020 in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic and state of emergency imposed by the Romanian authorities. We will detail further on what was the approach, what were the elements that helped WebDigital and what were the results.

The performance marketing tactics used in order to increase the sales of the online shop were Google Shopping, Google Search and Google Display

“Taking into account that after the initial evaluation we noticed with the help of Google Trends that there is an increase in the demand for the core products that the shop is selling. Also, we noticed that our clients’ prices are really competitive and this is how we decided that the biggest part of the budget to be invested in Google Shopping and Google Search in order to cover the demand of the potential buyers.” Says Mihai Alexandru Andrei, Managing Partner at WebDigital.


“Because the decision to buy a solar panel or solar kit isn’t short, we decided to use the Google Remarketing user lists to perform the so called “followup” for the users that saw the products in the website, keeping them close to the business so that we would be the first choice in the mind of the potential buyers.” He continues.

To ensure an efficient ad delivery of the ads, WebDigital highlighted a series of elements from the company’s internal processes that helped deliver the amazing results.

  • Google Scripts – using a series of scripts that would help eliminate budget waste when there are issues like out of stock products, 404 pages, billing, and overdelivery


  • Feed Management – with the help of internal tools WebDigital corrected and optimized the product feed, adjusting the titles and descriptions, adding important parameters in order to help the system better deliver the products in the product listing section of google shopping.


“In this way we made possible the efficient ad delivery, both for Google Shopping Campaigns and also for the other campaigns that rely on the product feed.” The WebDigital Managing Partners explains.

Display example for Google Shopping in product listing section


Display example for Google Search Ads


  • Data-Driven Attribution Model + Smart Bidding paid off and helped keep the profitability KPIs under control and deliver the ads to users that are most likely to buy products from the online shop


The results came fast and WebDigital managed in less than one month after it took over the account to generate 16 times more sales with 11% less budget.


“The credit goes both to the team that managed the performance marketing campaigns of the project ensuring a good execution and also to our client for the way in which he operates the online shop and most for the way he serves its clients. We congratulate with this occasion all the businesses that do an amazing job and put customer satisfaction in the first place.” Mihai Alexandru Andrei states.

“If you also want to understand what sales you can get for your project, get in touch with our team at WebDigital and find out what are the necessary elements with which you can increase the sales of your online shop. We wish you a productive week ahead full of inspiration and the results results that exceed expectations.” The WebDigital representative concludes.

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