OmniPERFORM: Micro-moments become more important than ever. Personalizing communication should be the first step in a campaign

Mihai Cristea 22/04/2021 | 16:28

Micro-moments and behavioural preferences become more important than ever in advertising and the advantage of online advertising, combined with the right data analysis and interpretations, is that you can understand the current stage of your buyer, according to neuromarketing omnichannel agency OmniPerform.


“Based on the type of searches, the type of branded or non-branded consumed information, the lasting time of his research, you can already identify types of content that are going to be relevant. Companies should identify the touch-points and then the types of content required to generate the answers for your users’ journey stages”, said Adrian Enache, CEO of  OmniPerform

Taking into consideration one year has passed since the beginning of the pandemic, it becomes more and more obvious that digital adoption is being accelerated within all corporations, no matter the industry. And every executive moved on his or her priority list digitization and digital transformation on top of all the other projects they were keeping an eye on before the pandemic.

In this context, brands that use AI (artificial intelligence) and personalization in communication campaigns see increases of over 200% in their marketing results. Thus, the digital communication agency OmniPerform reported in 2020 an organic growth of 120% compared to the same period last year, with a turnover of 8 million lei (1.5 million euros).

Doubling revenues during the pandemic confirms that the future lies in personalizing communication and campaigns must take into account what consumers want to see, not be approached in a traditional format, in which a generic message is pushed towards them. Also, digitization must start from the consumer to the internal processes and not the other way around.

Personalizing the advertising campaigns is just a small step from spending 80-90% of the marketing budget on generic advertising messages, losing more than half. Personalization already proves it can increase the results from 30% to 60% in terms of brand attention to more traffic to more leads to brand preference and even loyalty – showing that brands actively  care about the users’ preferences.

Omniperform specialists outline that companies should adapt the brand message to all users in different contexts: “All online users are different and we have to act accordingly because the digital technologies allow you. Basically, forget the funnel vision of throwing one offline national message to users. Each user has preferences, specifics, behavioural dynamics. You cannot promote the same sportswear to people that love boxing to people that love cycling”.

For Omniperform, almost 30% of the company’s revenues came from projects with clients in the United States, which opens opportunities for expansion in multiple markets of a considerably larger size than Romania. The increase in turnover is thus explained by the addition to the portfolio of some international clients, but also locally, in industries that have started focusing on digital and their consumers’ preferences.

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