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Constantin Macri 28/07/2022 | 15:28

There are hundreds of websites where you can buy college essays for cheap. But how many of those sites actually deserve your trust? We’ve conducted research and found the most reputable academic writing companies where you can safely purchase a college paper on any topic.


According to hundreds of reviews all across the web, these sites are proven to be trustworthy and known to offer good value for money. If you’re looking to buy cheap essays from professional writers, then these sites are for you.

Top 3 Sites to Buy Essays Online

These sites offer the cheapest prices on the market while maintaining decent quality. You should be aware that custom writing companies that charge less than $9 per page won’t be able to guarantee good quality and original content.

#1. PaperHelp — Best Option & Most Popular Company


  • Best value for money;
  • This company consistently delivers high-quality papers at affordable prices;
  • Professional writer for your task will be found in a matter of minutes;
  • All papers are bespoke, PaperHelp doesn’t resell papers it delivers;
  • Free revisions, the company truly wants to make sure that you are satisfied with the order;
  • Responsive customer support team.


  • If you want an official proof that your essay is plagiarism free, you will have to pay for it. Ordinary plagiarism report costs $10, while Turnitin check without database storage will cost you $30.

The first on our list of the best essay writing services is PaperHelp. This platform does not purchase reviews, nor does it pay people to shower it with praise. Still, the praise keeps coming.

With PaperHelp, you can buy essay online and get it delivered to you in a matter of hours. This college paper writing service has over a decade of experience, and its numbers keep growing. While this does not guarantee the quality, it is a good sign. Most students who buy essays online prefer to get them from PaperHelp, because this is one of the oldest and most reputable essay writing services online.

When you work on the internet, you can get away with more than you would in an actual business. This can often result in an overall lack of professionalism. While it isn’t a guarantee of poor quality, the custom papers can get a little hit or miss.

This is why PaperHelp is so appreciated by its customers: the level of quality is consistent. Professional writers at PaperHelp write essays according to your requirements. You know what you are getting, and you can rely on their writers to deliver your writing projects for you on time, every time. That is a valuable service, especially if you are on a tight deadline, because you can have your essay written in just three hours. So not only can you buy essay cheap here, you can also get it done in a matter of hours.

If the academic paper is due in two days, you won’t have time to re-negotiate the paper and ask for a rewrite. They can handle requests for any academic level. From high school to college, masters, and even doctorate-level assignments.

PaperHelp is proud of the fact that only 5% of the people who apply to work for them get hired. If that is true, it would explain why they managed to be around for a decade, and maintain a consistent level of quality throughout that timeframe.

Everyone working here is not only a professional with exceptional writing skills, but also a veteran in the field. Here, you can purchase essays on any topic for any subject. And apart from college papers, you can order virtually any academic assignment here.

From English papers for college, research papers, movie reviews for a film class, case studies, book reviews, to cheap essays, annotated bibliographies, etc. Regardless of your needs, PaperHelp has you covered.

#2. SpeedyPaper — Cheap Essay Writing Service


  • One of the most affordable services on the market;
  • Free and unlimited revisions to ensure that you are satisfied with your order;
  • Title page usually comes for free;
  • Writers can imitate your writing style if you show them some of your essays.


  • Sometimes is takes multiple revisions to get the desired result;
  • Money-back guarantee is a bit tricky.

SpeedyPaper is the safest choice on any list if you’re looking to buy a cheap essay and get a good quality at the same time. Their price to quality ratio is very advantageous for the client.

There are more expensive and professional services out there charging $12 per page and more, but SpeedyPaper does the job just well most of the time. This essay service offers comparable quality, and not nearly as high of a rate per page. Many people suspected it was a scam writing service, just because of its low rates. Rest assured that the service is entirely legitimate.

SpeedyPaper claims that its professional essay writers have Ph.D. and Masters degrees, and students who choose to buy essays online from this company tend to agree. Not only that, but every single one is a seasoned veteran in the field, having experience writing academic papers for money. In terms of keeping tabs on the writer, the opinions are split. Some say that it is best to leave them to do their job, while others insist on constant updates and revisions.

Regardless of where you fall on that argument, you will be able to contact your writer. You can be a helicopter client or a hands-off buyer. The point is that you have the freedom to choose whatever you think is best.

The site does not have many negative reviews, even when you look at third-party platforms and review pages. Overall, this is a mediocre service with good quality and affordable prices. And that’s not a bad thing. Not everyone has to reinvent the wheel.

#3. WriteMyPapers — Good Value for Money


  • Best writers in the industry available for hire;
  • You’re able to buy custom essay on any topic;
  • Money-back guarantee is available, so you can get your money back in full if you don’t like your paper.


  • Free revisions are limited;
  • Finding a writer for some specific fields of study can take quite some time.

Scam businesses rarely invest in good-looking essay writing sites. They usually pop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm and do not last a very long time. People catch on to their deception quickly, and then they have to close down and rebrand. So, whenever you see a company that invests heavily in the quality of their main page, you can assume that they are here to stay.

The WriteMyPapers website is very well-designed. Also, it is easy to navigate. This professional academic writing service seems to realize that not everyone is highly tech-savvy. And even if they are, navigating a frustrating page can cause a customer to simply move on to one of their competitors. Still, not being scammers does not necessarily imply that their service is high quality.

WriteMyPapers has testimonials on its main page, and they seem to be overly positive. These were either selected from amongst the most satisfied customers, or they were outright bought as paid reviews. No product is perfect, and an honest look would find flaws in any service.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that WriteMyPapers does a great job at writing college-level essays within tight deadlines. The essays that we bought from this company were of better quality than those that we got from SpeedyPaper.

While some students who are looking to buy cheap essays may go with other companies, those who are looking for premium-quality essays should definitely take a look at WriteMyPapers.

The reviews from outside the site, the ones that reflect reality are mixed. Some people are very happy with what they received, while others are underwhelmed. It can be hard to determine the cause of this hit-or-miss quality. Most likely, the selection criteria for qualified writers are a little loose.

Understandably, it is hard to hire only 10-year veterans with English degrees. And while freelancers will fill up your ranks, they are a wildcard. Finally, we should mention that first-time customers will receive a sizable 15% discount. This offer is available at the time of writing and is subject to change in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did academic writing companies appear?

No matter how perfect or rigid a system may be, participants in that system will find a way to take some shortcuts. In the college system, students will be assigned many papers throughout their studies. And, of course, many of them have found ways to spend less time on these papers.

For example, it used to be the case that every college, every classroom, and every dorm room had a student who was extraordinarily passionate about his chosen subject. That student would work extra hard, read extra material, and genuinely spend most of his time pursuing academic excellence.

In an attempt to make money on the side, some of those college students would offer their services to peers who wanted to buy college essay. It was a win-win situation, as the student academic writing would make extra money, while the buyer had his hands free to either focus on other subjects, or just enjoy some free time.

But you could run into some problems if you decide to buy essay for college. Mainly, there was no recourse in case something went wrong. This was an under-the-table deal between students.

You did not have a warranty, a receipt, and nothing was put in academic writing. No accountability or recourse will be available for those who choose this path. The inherent drawback of an under-the-table deal is the fact that you can’t complain to the teachers that you decided to buy essays online and used them as inspiration to write your own.

As a response to this need for a better system for essay writing which is accountable, an entire online industry has emerged. Dozens of active and profitable essay writing services promise to help write custom college papers.

And these few dozen online writing services are just the good ones. If we were to count the overnight ones seeking to make a quick profit, we would get an impressive number.

Regardless of their number, the sites where you can buy essay papers online offer more control over the process. You do more than just hand over your money, and wait for the final product.

Of course, this depends on the essay writing service itself. It can be safe to say that all of them have regular updates, and even boast some sort of fail-safe such as a full monetary refund. You will pay the entire sum up front, and if you are not happy with the essay, you can choose to get your money back.

In addition, most reliable assignment writing companies offer rewriting and copy-editing services. Just like the term suggests, you can ask the essay writer to modify the paper in part, or whole.

These sites must be doing something right, given the large number of people who are choosing to buy essays online specifically from them.

Why purchase a college paper?

Even if you were to find the cheapest essay writing service you would find that the service is quite expensive (especially on a student budget). So, why even bother to pay other people to write an essay paper?

Well, it’s a tale as old as time: students are young, tired, and overworked.  Let’s just say that the post-2008 world is not as prosperous as the 80s and 90s. There’s a joke on the Internet where a person from the Baby Boomer generation is lecturing Millenials about how he paid for college by mowing lawns for an entire summer.

Times have changed and now college tuition can cost up to $200,000. To be honest, if you are making 200k by mowing lawns, you don’t need college. If you are not lucky enough to have your parents bankroll your studies, you will have to work to support yourself throughout your study period. This means that you will be exhausted all of the time. In addition, this is your first contact with society as an adult.

There is an enormously powerful temptation to use your free time to socialize and enjoy life. This is why essay sites are growing in popularity. It’s not that students are growing lazy. Society has become hyper-competitive with an almost suffocating level of stress. It should not take a heroic effort to get an ordinary college degree.

You should not be 50k in debt just so you can later work as an underpaid bank clerk. You should buy a college essay if you want some room to breathe. Of course, you should not become reliant on these services and have them do your work for you.

Some students just fall behind. Not everyone learns at the same speed, and not everyone is interested in the same things. Maybe you want to skip the sociology research so you can focus on another subject, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed to voice your ‘write my essay’ request to an essay writer.

This situation is why the paper writing industry exists. You should use the time you buy wisely. Relax, unwind, or study up for a more important exam.

Are there any guarantees when it comes to buying essay papers?

It depends. As mentioned at the start of the article, there are dozens upon dozens of paper writing services. The industry is rather profitable. Opportunities to make money will attract both ambitious professionals and scammers.

There are a few essay services that keep scamming people, and making new websites when said people start catching on. If you don’t do your homework, odds are that you can decide to work with them by mistake. There isn’t a banner saying “we’re scammers”.

So how can you avoid them? Well, do your homework and research old, reputable writing services like the 3 platforms we’ve covered so far. By choosing them, you get every guarantee. You get a guarantee of delivery, quality, revisions, or refunds, and communication. Just be careful and try to work with the right people.

Can you get caught buying an essay online?

Laws can and always will change. Nothing is guaranteed forever. Still, as things are now, buying essays online is universally legal. It may be frowned upon by your University, but at least it is not against the law.

These services are designed to help buying college papers, not to write them for you. In theory, you should buy them to serve as inspiration for your own, 100% original version. Even then, the paper that you bought spares you from doing hours of research.

So, you can use it as inspiration, or you can re-write it in your own words. Either way, the practice is not illegal. In terms of safety, there is only one question that needs to be asked: “Are you working with a scam website”.

If you did not do your homework, skipped the research, and went for the cheapest option, I have bad news for you. Scammers not only fail to deliver, but they also tend to steal credit card information.

Also, given the fact that you need to register an account to use anything these days, they will have some personal info such as your email address and credit card number. The importance of working with professionals cannot be overstated.

Can I buy an essay online?

Yes, buying an essay is legal and safe. In fact, it is now easier than ever to find out where to buy college papers, because there are dozens of sites online that offer good essay writing services.

Due to the factors previously mentioned (overworked students, bad economies, bloated tuition, a need for social life), more and more students are choosing to save some time by purchasing college essays online.

With so many orders, the process has been standardized and refined. There is no guesswork involved anymore.

How much does an essay cost?

The essay cost depends on three main factors: difficulty, length, and urgency. However, the average price per page for a custom essay is about $12. Anything below that is considered cheap. If you own an essay site and you charge the same amount for a custom written college papers online and a high school essay, you are doing it wrong.

College or university essays can typically cost more than the high school ones. The higher you climb on the academic ladder, the more work each assignment will demand. It is reasonable to ask for more money.

The second factor barely needs explaining. A longer assignment will take up more time and effort. Thus, it will cost more. Finally, we have the deadline. A reputable essay writing service can work very tight deadlines (3-24 hrs). This type of emergency work will swallow the professional writer’s schedule and will be billed accordingly.

Overall, the price also depends on the site. On the lower end of the spectrum, pages will cost around $12, while some of the most expensive can reach $20 per page.

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