Best College Essay Writing Service: Top 5 Paper Writing Sites

Constantin Macri 20/07/2022 | 20:21

College, a place where dreams come true, can also become a source of academic stress, especially in terms of writing essays and research papers. Plus, the learning curve gets steeper each semester. To ease the workload, students hire essay writing services. And who can blame them?


What if you simply don’t have enough time to write all your papers? What good is it if you have trouble expressing your views on paper perfectly? Nothing besides slipping grades and diminished academic proficiency.

For this reason, it makes sense to invest some more in professional writing assistance online and get great results. While the industry is over-flooded with a huge selection of “essay” services, selecting one that offers the best quality and price is crucial. For this reason, we found the most popular essay writing services online and came up with the list of the best companies to use.

Top Essay Writing Services at a Glance

These online college paper service providers are your safety nets when academic research becomes overwhelming. We have been there and understand the need for professional support, which is why we’ve helped you narrow your search to these college essay writing services. Thus, you’re not trapped in the sea of writers.

#1. PaperHelp — Best Essay Writing Service Overall

Over the past decade, the team of professional paper writers at PaperHelp have been delivering 100% unique, well-researched and professional college papers on all topics. It’s hard not to leave this impression, considering more than 1,300 customers have given an average quality rating of 5 stars on SiteJabber independent review platform (a rare phenomenon, to say the least!).

PaperHelp is a great balance of price and quality. The company, in addition to being staffed with professional writers in various fields, provides a reliable writing service and incorporates an effective communication system to maintain an optimal workflow for various college students’ requests. For $12-per-page pricing, you can purchase a well-curated paper. Plus, custom requests range from high school to PhD level.

There is no doubt; this is one of the best paper writing services, because this company is all about making clients happy to return for a second order or a hundredth time. That’s one you can depend on at any time.

#2. BBQPapers — Best Quality, Runner-up

It doesn’t matter if you are juggling many college essay papers at once, sometimes you just want to unwind and take some time off. That’s when you need an experienced and professional essay writer to help. And that’s what BBQPapers is all about.

This site is a bit more expensive than PaperHelp. However, if you need someone with exceptional writing skills and a Master’s / Ph.D. degree to write your research paper or essay for you, then using BBQPapers is your choice.

The company has made a name for itself, providing high-quality academic writing services and round-the-clock customer support, all of which has earned it a 4.5-star review on TrustPilot. Its flexible pricing system allows you to choose the plan that fits you best. You can order a 200-word essay for $11.70.

An ever-ready efficient helpdesk ensures you keep your academic performance high while getting the most out of life. Additionally, discounts are available for the best possible deal. BBQ Papers’ experts never stop improving their services and take pride in the fact they don’t miss a deadline. This company delivers truly premium college essay services to those who are willing to pay a little more for their important papers.

#3. SpeedyPaper — Best for Urgent Academic Papers

Why wait for a college essay service for days to come back with your paper? At SpeedyPaper, you can purchase and receive your completed paper in just six hours! And that’s with an original guarantee of 100%.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing about “Huckleberry Finn” or a thesis on quantum physics theory, finding the best essay writer for your specific task is a matter of minutes. SpeedyPaper is a trusted essay writing service that can handle various academic writing assignments with ease.

Even better, the affordable pricing, starting at $11 per page, means you don’t have to overspend to get high-quality college essays on time. The service provider delivers well-researched and original content of superb quality. And it’s done by experts in education and writing. In recognition of its commitment to excellence, SiteJabber has rated the platform 4.73 stars.

#4. EssayPro — Best Selection of Writers

Come to think of it, every essay you’ve written before now has involved a ton of time, frustration, and pressure. With EssayPro, though, you can sit back, relax and even take a coffee break as they take care of your research papers and other academic assignments. You need not pay through your nose for it. How’s that for freedom?

EssayPro is one of the legit essay writing services, as this company has won customer loyalty through consistent quality and affordable pricing. A testament to this is its 4.7-star rating on Sitejabber from more than 12,000 satisfied customers. Typically, high-quality papers cost $11.40 per page. Not only that, but you also get unlimited edits and free originality reports.

So the next time you’re thinking “Can I get an essay paper writer to research the history of western culture or the current state of human trafficking?” trust this platform to address your needs. It takes only a few clicks.

#5. ExpertWriting — Good Value for Money

One of the cheapest, yet highly recommended professional college essay writers. ExpertWriting is a cheap essay writing service and an excellent choice for college students who are looking to save some money on hiring a premium writer. And this isn’t the opinion of some third-party with no first-hand experience, it’s the personal feedback of 97.2% of the platform’s satisfied customers. Prices start at $10 per page for premium papers.

A quick turnaround of up to 3 hours is feasible in case you are pressed for time or you simply want to give your readers a sneak preview of what they can expect from the final material. This way, you get more eyeballs for your work while still making some time for other pressing tasks. It’s the perfect recipe for success.

Are College Paper Writing Services Legal and Safe?

“Are essay writing services legal?”, is one of the most frequently asked questions that students usually ask. The thought of hiring a third party to write college papers in your stead may make you queasy, while others may believe they’re cheating. Of course, no one likes the latter. And we understand where you’re coming from, but the truth is — you’re not! Like the popular song goes, “The times, they are a-changin’”.

With college now getting more competitive than ever, the need for top-notch assistance is a must. Besides, you don’t want to mess up your chances of academic success or worse, get thrown out of college due to poor performance. That’s why you need paper writing help. Here’s a better explanation of the situation.

First, paper writing is an art, and all art needs an artist. Secondly, the onus of approving your work, if it’s exceptional, is on your professors. Thus, it isn’t illegal. You need someone to help you organize and condense your thoughts into an original paper. And that’s what these companies offer: a helping hand.

However, when it comes to academic integrity, there are rules you should follow if you want to get the best outcome. Make sure you only use platforms that guarantee the anonymity and authenticity of their work. You don’t want to be accused of plagiarism. We’ll go into more details below.

How Can I Find a Reliable College Paper Writing Service?

When you don’t have time to take a walk to the library, find articles on your topic and write your own paper, what do you do? You go to the virtual world of Google and begin your quest for the best college paper writing services. By now, you should know how this story ends. You end up with a bunch of shady, fly-by-night companies, not to mention scams that will leave you crying over spilt milk.

Why is that? Because many essay writing companies are not legit. So, when looking for the best essay writing service, don’t waste your time with those that make outlandish promises and offers. There are several reasons why:

  • They have a weak customer support team. If you can’t reach a college essay writer for days (can’t get in touch with the support department), it’s a sure sign they are not well established.
  • There are complaints of late delivery, with a “no deliverables within so-so-so hours” clause. Trust us, it’s a no-no. If they can’t deliver quality work on time, why should you trust them with your money?
  • The company’s websites look unprofessional. If they are selling a service, it should be appealing. Otherwise, why would you pay for their services?

Do not fall prey to unprofessionalism! Before you make your choice of a best college essay writing service, check out the above signs and avoid service providers that don’t put your needs first. We’ve already filtered the top-rated platforms worldwide to make your search easier.

Will a Native English Speaker Write My Paper?

The answer depends on the writing platform you use. All writing companies on this list write essays with professional writers, both ENL and ESL. Despite the world becoming a global village, cultural gaps still influence communication and writing. This is evident when hiring a paper writer service. You may be required, based on your location and institution, to have your academic paper written by a native English speaker.

Native English speakers are more adept at understanding the nuances of the English language than non-speakers and can translate your ideas into an original paper that will impress your instructors. Many writing platforms claim to hire native English speakers. However, their works don’t live up to the standards of a professional academic writing service.

Your paper may be riddled with grammatical errors, the quality of which may put you in hot water. Not to mention, when you hire non-native English writers, you may have to re-write large sections of your paper. That’s not cool; plus it’s time-consuming.

Before you place an order, double-check the platform’s team, ensuring that it includes people who have proper English fluency. Besides, if they can’t convey your message correctly, the result will be a disaster. Professional essay writers always have samples of their work online. These materials demonstrate their knack for quality delivery.

You can find a decent paper writer who is a native English speaker and is qualified to handle any college-level assignment, such as a Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation. The good news is all the top companies listed in this guide are proficient in English. They also take their businesses very seriously.

As such, their essay writers all adhere to the college paper writing guidelines set out by different schools around the globe. Even if your paper requires a highly technical approach, they will do the needful.

Will My Paper Be Plagiarism Free?

All reputable custom college paper writing services guarantee that your work will be 100% plagiarism-free. In other words, they ensure that all the content is original and doesn’t violate any copyrights. You should look out for this.

Important to note: While all essay writing companies on this list write papers from scratch and deliver plagiarism-free papers, some of them charge extra for originality report. If you want a free plagiarism report, you should opt for BBQPapers or EssayPro.

If an essay writing service doesn’t have a quality plagiarism checker, its writers may try to pull a fast one. Several methods may be used. For instance, a poorly written paper may contain sections that repeat what you’ve read elsewhere. So, to fool the plagiarism detectors, your essay writer may reword the copied sections without properly citing their sources.

If a college writing company you hire passes off plagiarized content as original, you will be accused of plagiarism and will likely fail the course. Nobody wants that. If you want a high-quality paper, make sure your writing platform has an effective plagiarism checker. Besides, reputable companies won’t hesitate to show you samples of their work.

With the raging competition in the writing industry, there’s no excuse for plagiarism. Regardless of how challenging it is to navigate the murky waters of academics, it is still possible to create unique content. All you need is a top-quality writing service.

What If I Am Not Satisfied With My Paper?

Usually, this happens when you pay peanuts. An academic writing company that provides a dirt-cheap college essay writing service will most likely deliver poor quality work. Platforms of this calibre charge extremely low prices to attract customers, only to offer substandard service later. That’s not cool.

While you may have hired the right professional team, there are times when your work will still require revision. Often, the reason isn’t grammatical errors or plagiarism, but rather the formatting, structure, or information embedded in the paper. If relevant, contact the writing service for revision. Certain services allow free revisions, while others don’t.

In addition, you have the right to request a refund if the service provider refuses to revise your paper or if the paper still does not meet your expectations after revision. Review the company’s money-back guarantee policy before proceeding. Many companies offer full refunds, some grant partial refunds, and others don’t.

If a company’s refund policy is ambiguous, it is prudent to avoid ordering a paper from them. It’s a trap!

How is the Price Calculated and What Does it Depend on?

A common concern college students face when seeking college paper help is pricing. If you can’t afford a particular service, the idea of ordering a paper will probably be the farthest thing from your mind. Yet, you can get quality paper at affordable prices.

Pricing varies based on the academic level, urgency, and the number of pages the paper should have. As a general rule, undergraduate papers cost less than graduate papers. Some essay writer services offer discounts to retain customers.

For example, you may get a 15% discount on your first order and 5% on your second order. When making your choice, ensure you find an essay writing company with reasonable prices. Compare rates and look out for hidden charges. Some platforms are guilty of the latter.

Take some time to dig a bit deeper before committing to a writing service. You can then determine if the deal is worthwhile. By knowing how to write your own papers, you can save even more money. However, it will take up a lot of your time.

Students who decide to write their own papers often find themselves pressed for time, struggling to balance their coursework and responsibilities. Moreover, nothing beats the experience of a writing service. Your paper may also need editing if it is not of adequate quality. This is where a professional editor can help.

Are Essay Writing Services Safe to Use?

This is a concern that nags many students when they’re on the lookout for a trustworthy paper writing service. Some of them go to great lengths to read college paper writing service reviews to know what other students’ experiences have been. Besides, many have suffered from the wrath of scammers.

It is generally safe to pay online when you use a legitimate company to order college papers. Trustworthy essay services incorporate secure payment gateways and encrypt all financial information to ensure safe online payments. The company safeguards all customer data to ensure privacy.

A writing platform that doesn’t offer a convenient payment system is a red flag. There are many things you want to avoid, including getting scammed or having your identity stolen. You also don’t want to be hassled. Here’s what you can do.

Research the company you intend to hire to write your paper. Check for scam websites by performing a Google search. Ensure you find a top-rated company that uses advanced security features, such as SSL encryption.

Almost all writing service providers will ask you to fill out a form with important information about your order. Remember, these forms are for the company’s use only. A reputable company will not reveal this information to third parties, so be cautious when hiring a service.

General Advice for Finding a Legit Essay Writing Service

College students may find essay writing stressful. Some students produce quality papers without help, others struggle — indicating a need for help with college paper writing. Before hiring a professional writer, remember the following.

  • Check for the writing company’s track record and find out how many years it has been in the industry.
  • Don’t hesitate to read essay writing service reviews about the writing platform to learn what previous customers have said about it. Reading essay service reviews is crucial.
  • Make sure the chosen essay writer service has a secure and verifiable payment system on its site.
  • Verify whether it offers plagiarism reports and revisions.
  • Check for a money-back guarantee policy, as it ensures your money is safe if you change your mind or the writing service fails to meet your expectations.

Understand that a college paper writing agency can be your best friend. It takes the pressure off when you don’t have the time, patience, or expertise to write a high-quality paper.

Conclusion — Is it Worth Hiring Professional Essay Writers Online?

With the right expert writer, you can save up to 30% and ensure the maximum quality level at a good speed. Second, the fact you are working with professionals from an established and reliable essay writing service ensures you are getting authentic content. A well-balanced paper results in better grades.

Think of how much free time you have to undertake other pressing activities. Nothing beats having fun while keeping perfect grades. As to where and what exactly to do to meet your academic needs and be ahead on the “education ladder”, take a look at the five best essay writing services that dominate the academic market like none else.

Now you have come to the point with college papers where it seems a full research essay on the history of Rome or an analysis of “Of Mice and Men” is a piece of cake! But there’s so much fuzziness with many data points and not one proper analysis. Even your best ideas flounder, leaving you utterly confused.

As if that’s not depressing enough, there’s less time. Well, don’t have your nerves frazzled just because you’ve gone off track on your academic journey (a very natural case of “writers’ block”). There’s no better time than right now to hire the following college experts.



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