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Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 26/10/2022 | 02:27

Unless they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, most men have to have a regular job. But apart from the typical professions such as teachers, roofers, painters, dealers at non GamStop casinos or bank employees, there are full-time positions off the beaten path. Here we show what these are, for example, and how everyday life goes, check it on gamblingpro.pro.


The Croupier – The One Who Dances With the Non GamStop Casinos Player!

Any movie buff will remember the risky Texas Hold’em game James Bond played with Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. Much less conspicuous than the opponent played by Mads Mikkelsen and the new cast at the time Daniel Craig, but always at the table: the croupier, manager and controller of the entire game process. Apart from the service people, this is the most visible employee in any real casino. Because of course there are many people working behind the scenes who are responsible for security, administration or accounting, for example.

The demands on the gaming pros are quite high: not only do they have to be excellent at dealing with numbers and shine through a serious appearance in formally captivating clothing including a spotless suit and a perfectly ironed shirt, social skills are required. Because players who gamble at their tables could be everything from the burned-out guy who plays for his last money to the multi-millionaire who risks thousands of euros without batting an eyelid.

Even with absent players, always reserved and polite croupiers are the ones who are successful. Maintaining such an attitude can sometimes be difficult.

In addition, a professional level of ease in handling the chips is required, because anyone who starts dropping them on the floor quickly comes across as dubious – the same applies to the cards, of course.

Their training is just as demanding as the job requirements for the reticent game masters. In principle, all that is required is that you are of legal age, free of debt and have an impeccable certificate of good conduct – many casinos require you to have completed professional training, but the informal requirements are quite challenging.

Because you have to be able to understand many games with a certain depth, have strong mental arithmetic skills and not just deal a few cards. Therefore, most casinos have rigorous entrance exams – which many aspirants rattle through.

In the free training itself, for example, learning all 180 advertising options is required, the arrangement of the numbers in the roulette wheel and the teaching of technical terms in several languages.

What Does a Croupier Earn?

Basically, the question of what a croupier takes home is very difficult to answer. One thing is clear: The starting salary in this profession, which is more suitable for night owls, is not gigantic. Since the introduction of the minimum wage, €1470 gross has been the absolute minimum. Plus a tip, of which the treasury may take a part. Once the dry initial phase is over, the incomes of the neatly dressed colleagues can skyrocket. Depending on the additional responsibility, between €3,000 and €5,000 are possible – well above average.

So, if you have a passion for gaming and like to play poker in your free time and have the necessary qualifications, you can definitely consider entering the industry.

Test Drivers – Drive Tomorrow’s Cars Today

Every man who is halfway enthusiastic about cars will have his mouth watering at the idea. To be the first person to steer a car, but who are the men behind the controls? And above all: What do they have to be able to do?

As a rule, it is not the case that the drivers are just hired people who do not need to bring anything with them other than a driver’s license as qualification.

In the job itself, it’s all about testing all kinds of conditions around the world. And even if not: Hundreds of kilometers of driving in one day with a subsequent log of the results are by no means uncommon. And during the entire driving time, every noise, every deviation in the chassis can give important indications of defects.

By the way, a willingness to take risks, especially on closed test tracks, is part of it. Because even if the machines had to go through all sorts of automated tests beforehand, they cannot replace real test drives. In extreme situations, the vehicles reach their limits. And their drivers too.

That’s why the experts have to be able to remain absolutely calm when the cars are approaching a sharp bend at well over 200 km/h. The reputation that these are all just adrenaline-fueled maniacs is misplaced. Because a sense of responsibility is one of the most important characteristics of a test driver.

What Does a Driver Earn?

It is even more difficult than with the croupier to provide general information about the salaries of test drivers. Because it’s not the case that only Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz or BMW hire such people – numerous sub-suppliers such as tire manufacturers also use the services of such drivers, who are often already on the payroll as employees and receive an extra payment for this, for example receive.

The more risky, prestigious company and model and the more mysterious the orders, the more money there should be. But less luxurious companies also need them – a range of €2,500 – €7,000 can be found. General statements are correspondingly unreliable.

Barista – The Ruler of the Coffee

Pretty much anyone can turn on a coffee maker and wait for the black gold to finish. Preparing really excellent coffee or creating specialties for a real treat – very few people can do that. Their profession is called barista, which is Italian for “bartender” but refers to coffee specialists.

While some time ago self-reading and passion were the only ways to really live out the love of caffeinated hot drinks, today there are real schools for it, such as the Italian School of Coffee.

But if we assume that there are men who want to be baristas, the “Barista Professional” training there only lasts five days, during which sensors, competence in coffee machines, specialties and so on are trained. However, many aspiring baristas would like to have their own espresso or coffee bar. There are of course separate seminars for these projects!

In addition to the classic barista tasks, interested parties should be able to handle a few other things, such as support in service, the preparation of smaller meals and the cash register. Of course, anyone who wants to work in the catering industry must have social skills. Friendliness, the ability to take criticism, an interest in people and creativity and sovereignty, which are particularly important for founders, are real mandatory qualities.

What Does a Barista Earn?

Financially speaking, baristas salaries range between €1,500 and €3,000 are not among the big earners. Of course, colleagues who are self-employed with their passion can get around a lot more – but unfortunately also a lot less.


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