How to Improve Employee Engagement to Drive Change and Boost Revenue

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 18/10/2021 | 12:11

No matter what type of business you’re running, one of your primary goals is likely to boost revenues. The more revenue you bring in, the more you can grow your business and generate larger profits, which benefits everyone who works for you. However, within the goal of boosting revenues, there are many smaller goals you’ll need to reach in order to do this.


One area you should focus on is your employee engagement. Making sure your employees are engaged can provide benefits throughout your business. Below, we’ll outline the importance of employee engagement, along with a few things you can do to improve it.

Importance of Employee Engagement

Having employees who are engaged with their work will provide your business with several benefits. For starters, employees who are engaged are more productive. They are less likely to procrastinate and generally put more effort into their work. This means that they not only get their work done faster but they produce better results.

In addition, employee engagement leads to happier customers. This is because you’re not only producing a better product but your employees are having better interactions with your customers. Engaged employees are more likely to go the extra mile for your customers, which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and sales numbers. 

It’s easy to see why you should focus on keeping your employees engaged: more productive employees, improved results, and better customer interactions.

Improve Employee Communication

One of the first areas you should focus on is how well your employees can interact with one another. If your employees have a hard time talking to their coworkers or sharing files with them, this will lead to frustration in their daily lives. No one likes to wait around to hear from a coworker or have to go through a long process just to share a file.

To fix this, look at the software you’re using for employee communications. It should be easy for employees to quickly send a message to their coworkers and to collaborate on files together. 

For example, you can make use of WhatsApp Business multiple users, a tool that allows your employees to communicate more efficiently when it comes to things like customer service queries, or sign up for something like Google Drive to start sharing files. 

There are many software options available, so explore a few different tools and see what works best for your needs.

Work on Team Bonding

Next, it’s important that your team likes working with one another. While you don’t need everyone to become best friends, your employees spend a large portion of their lives interacting with their coworkers, so these should be friendly experiences. There are many ways you can go about improving your team bonding.

For example, you could run some team-building events, such as a friendly competition in the office. Another idea is to host an occasional party, where coworkers can interact without the pressures of work. 

You can even do this if your team is remote, just take a look at these virtual holiday party ideas for inspiration. The goal is to simply get your team interacting with each other around anything rather than work so that they can become more familiar with one another.

Provide Positive and Public Feedback

One thing that really helps employees remain engaged with their work is positive feedback. If an employee does something well, it’s important that you recognize this in some way. It could be as simple as sending a thank-you or congratulations message to the employee or giving them a gift card as a token of appreciation. 

For example, if one of your sales staff makes a big sale, a small bonus shows you appreciate what they do and encourages them to keep doing it.

When possible, you should also look to make this feedback public. Make announcements to the entire team celebrating the accomplishments of others. This will encourage coworkers to congratulate one another and to work harder for their own public recognition.

Invest in Employee Training

Finally, invest some time and resources into employee training. Employee training is good not only for your business but for keeping the employee engaged. 

For example, if you have a team that’s managing your social media accounts, to improve their performance, you could provide them with training on how to run effective ad campaigns on social media and how to better target your audience. Doing so would provide you with better results in your marketing department, as each of your employees is now more knowledgeable.

At the same time, employees like it when you invest in them. It shows that you care about their personal development and that you value them as a member of your organization. By regularly updating your employees’ skills, you’ll keep them interested in their jobs and engaged with their work.

Start Investing in Employee Engagement

The sooner you start investing in improving your employee engagement, the sooner you’ll start to receive the benefits. Engaged employees provide better work and are more likely to stick with your company, saving you money on hiring and training costs. 

And luckily, it’s fairly easy to improve employee engagement by using some of the strategies above. Start implementing them today and before long you’ll likely see positive results throughout your business.

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