How Has Technology Impacted The Medical Field?

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 26/03/2020 | 20:08

The industry of health and medicine is not the same today as it was some ten years ago. This has changed because of medical advancement which was possible because of technological advancement. Medicine would not have been able to make discoveries like today if it wasn’t for the technology. Every day, we hear things about new technological breakthroughs and innovations. These advancements of technology have taken over the world and are leading it to great change.

The impact that technology has on the medical field is remarkable. By using technology, the medical field can make discoveries regarding treatments, data collection, symptom and disease research, cure research, human aiding devices (like hearing devices and speaking devices). Technology has made the medical area very accessible to people. Through the help of technology, medical and health experts can take better care of patients and can treat diseases in a better way.

These were just some good aspects of technology’s impact on health industries. However, we have a lot to tell you about how much tech has actually helped the medical field:

Medical Apps

Everyone today has a smartphone and the best thing about any smartphone is its applications. What is better are the medical apps that can be downloaded in any smartphone using certain stores. Today, we are able to monitor our health without rushing to a doctor for every minor inconvenience through our phones. You can check your calorie intake, your daily steps, your heart rate or talk to a doctor via your app. You can even check your symptoms to know about your illness.

Monitoring the body remotely

Some patients are unable to walk for longer durations, and regularly visiting the hospital is a very difficult option for them. For this very reason, medical science from the help of technology has created a remote monitoring device. This device saves a lot of energy, time and money. With this device, the patient can talk to their respective doctor about any issue they are facing, whether the issue is of high blood pressure or low glucose level.

Medical research:

Technology has greatly changed how medical sciences work. According to, in the past medical researches and experiments used to take years to finalize but now with technology, these researches and experiments are done within months or even weeks. It is with the help of technology that medical experts can speed things up and make good outbreaks in medical history. This was proven when the Ebola outbreak was about to take place and the medical experts in minimum days came up with a vaccine for it.

Data collection:

Collecting data is one of the most important and necessary things in any medical field. The whole health industry relies on data because without data there won’t be any cure for any type of disease. Data is needed to analyze any situation and illness and then to find a possible cure for it. The data of illness as well as of patients is necessary because every patient has a different autonomy. Every patient requires a different kind of medicine as not every medicine is suitable for every patient.

3D printing: 

With 3D printing, artificial bones, limbs, and organs can be printed which can be put into the bodies of the patient who needs them. 3D printers have also revolutionized prosthetics; they have made the body parts extremely realistic and very cheap. These 3D printers are not only for printing body parts but they are also helpful to doctors who want to have a better understanding of the human body. Surgeons and doctors are able to perform operations and surgeries on artificially printed bodies before operating on real humans.

Technology is making the medical field better every day and by doing so, it is also improving the quality of our lives. On this day we can say that doctors, nurses and all other medical personas can treat patients in a lot better way than they used to in the past. They can take the history of a patient in seconds and they can also tell the patients about their illnesses in seconds. Technology has made medical sciences a lot accurate and also easily accessible. It has also optimized the lab results and made the process fast and precise. All in all, we can say with complete assurance that technology has improved the quality of health. However, with all the good things there are also few drawbacks of technology which can be harmful to human life too.

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