Dora, the Romanian human resources robot, interviewed over 100,000 candidates in four months

Aurel Dragan 12/06/2018 | 15:05

Everybody already knows that robots are able to learn almost anything and we can program them to do whatever we wish. So it is not a surprise that we already have a robot in human resources that can hold interviews whenever and wherever candidates have time for them. The first Romanian robot of this kind is Dora, born in Targu-Mures on March 1 this year and ”she” interviewed over 100,000 candidates.

Dora is a recruiting robot who searches for single candidates online and interviews them according to the employer’s specifications. Dora discusses with the candidates, checks their experience, the qualifications required by the employer, when they are available to be hired and whether they have the required certifications or speak the required foreign languages.

The interviews are conducted through Facebook Messenger and use text messages, with questions and answers, giving results in real time.

The HR robot can negotiate salaries and many other issues that may arise during an interview. Dora constantly communicates with candidates, informs them who is the employer, if they have past the interview and informs them when they are contacted. If they do not answer the employer’s call, Dora asks the candidates to call back and if they are rejected, Dora informs candidates why they have been rejected and suggests another job, according to their experience, availability and wage preferences.

Being a robot, Dora can look for candidates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and talks with them when they have time. Most interviews take place in the evenings and on weekends, when candidates have more time. 45 percent of jobseekers are available after 7 pm, 28 percent at weekends and only 27 percent of people have time for a discussion with employers during work hours from 9am to 5pm. If a candidate stops interviewing because the phone rings or his children are calling, Dora is waiting for him to finish his job and returns to the candidate when he has time to continue the interview.

Dora learns from each interview, learns from the behavior of candidates and recruiters, and every day Dora’s experience increases significantly and gives more and more accurate results. The recruiting robot helps candidates find the job they are looking for and helps companies hire the right person at the right time. It saves over 50 percent of the time spent searching and interviewing candidates. Since March 1, 2018, when Dora was launched, she had 102,661 interviews, offered 8,702 candidates to recruiters, and helped 5,985 people to hire 213 companies.

The robot has learned to recruit production operators, call center operators, welders, accountants, salespeople, drivers, financial analysts, merchants, engineers, hors d’oeuvres, mechanics, back-office assistants, recruiters and began recruiting programmers. Companies that use Dora operate in areas like industry, staff leasing, financial banking, trade / hypermarkets, logistics / car rental, sales companies, recruitment agencies, construction companies, logistics, medical industry, hotels and restaurants all over the country.

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