What Are The Most Common Liabilities Of Professional Truck Drivers?

Constantin Macri 15/04/2023 | 21:47

Truck driving is a grueling occupation, with long hours spent on the road away from family and friends. But there are also significant professional risks that come along with the job, including liabilities unique to this line of work. From cargo spills to motor vehicle accidents due to driver fatigue, professional truck drivers have a responsibility not only for delivering goods safely but also concerning any potential hazards their actions might entail. 


We’d like to explore what exactly these legal obligations include – so female or male truckers (and even moms or dads looking at getting into freight delivery) can be aware of other possible liabilities they may face by plying this trade. So let’s dive right in!


Failure to collect documents or complete the necessary paperwork

One of the most common liabilities professional truck drivers face is failure to collect or submit all documents required for the job. This includes bills of lading, manifests, shipping documents, and invoices. Failure to properly document shipments can lead to delays in delivery times, late fees, and even penalties from customers expecting their goods on time. The driver must also ensure all the paperwork is properly filled out and signed to guarantee that goods are delivered as promised.


Driving under the influence of an intoxicant or fatigued 

Another liability for professional truck drivers is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or while fatigued from long hours on the road. Truckers are subject to random drug testing, and if they fail, the employer may face fines for not adhering to safety regulations. On top of this, DUI and other moving violations can also result in an individual trucker being fined or even losing their license.


Physical damage to the truck and cargo 

In addition, professional truck drivers can be held liable for physical damage to the truck itself – either from neglect or due to an unexpected accident. This could include anything from broken axles, punctured tires, or even a cracked windshield. 

Similarly, any cargo damages incurred during transport are typically covered by the driver’s insurance policy, and the driver may be held liable if they were not driving in a safe manner. Whether you decide to read through the 5 best types of trucking physical damage insurance on this link https://bravopolicy.com/small-business-insurance/best-trucking-physical-damage-insurance/, or you get a personalized policy from an independent agent, make sure that you do your due diligence on what types of insurance are available to protect yourself as a truck driver. Namely, researching to understand the different types of insurance available to you can help protect you from unexpected liabilities down the road.


Misdirected flight plans or routes

Finally, professional truck drivers can also be liable for any misdirected flight plans or routes that result in delays or lost cargo. It is part of the driver’s responsibility to check and double-check the navigation equipment in the truck and route maps to ensure they don’t make an incorrect turn – whether due to outdated information or a wrong reading of the map. If they do, they can be held liable for not delivering cargo on time and causing their employers to suffer lost time and money.


The Role of Regulations and Safety Requirements in Protecting Against Liability 

As we live in a society that is constantly evolving, regulations and safety requirements are crucial to ensure that individuals and entities are held accountable for their actions, particularly in terms of liability. These governmental rules are designed to safeguard us against harm and risk, and they are in place to promote a safe and fair environment for all. From building codes to product standards, regulations play a pivotal role in protecting consumers and employees from potential danger. Without them, individuals and businesses would be at risk of facing lawsuits and legal action for any accidents or injuries that occur. Therefore, it’s safe to say that regulations and safety requirements are an essential aspect of our society, and they are here to stay as we continue to progress and move forward.

Becoming a professional truck driver will inevitably bring along some exposure to liability but understanding the risks and taking steps to manage them can be useful in empowering you to make better decisions. Knowing what types of liabilities may be encountered, eye-balling safety precautions and regulations, believing in yourself and your ability to mitigate risks, and ultimately finding coverage can help prepare you against any potential liabilities.

By following the tips mentioned above, such as exercising safe driving practices and being aware of the roads around you, professional truck drivers will be protected from potential liabilities while they are out on the road. With preparation from practice and knowledge, that beautiful sunrise at the end of your trip may just signify that you were able to protect yourself from any unexpected liabilities along the way.

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