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BR Real Estate Guide 2020

Adapt or else

By Ovidiu Nicolae Posirca, Contributing Editor

We have gone through the biggest work from home exercise in the history of the labour market, and the results are in. Yes, professionals still need offices, but they might opt for more flexible arrangements that were already starting to creep onto the local property market. In last year’s guide, I wrote that working from home for one day every week was becoming an acceptable practice among large companies. Now, a year later, we are wondering whether some employees will ever come back to their offices, as we’ve found out that “Zooming” can get things done just as well.

While companies could measure things such as their employees’ productivity and affinity to corporate values, landlords are working to redesign workspaces with more focus on ergonomics and wellbeing, which is not something new, as some of the newly-delivered office projects were designed this way from the beginning.

Owners of large retail centres are already drawing up strategies to attract Romanian shoppers back to the stores by using tech-based solutions to boost shopping experiences. For some retailers, e-commerce was what kept them afloat while shopping malls were shut down for about 2 months. On the industrial and logistics market, investment activity was unabated thanks to the fact that more companies are boosting their digital sales operations. The health crisis has reinforced some of the trends that had been marking the commercial real estate sector for years. Local startups are providing platforms that can help real estate professionals do their jobs in a more restrictive environment.

On the residential market, developers are paying close attention to new forms of demand which have popped up this year and more premium projects could get co-working spaces or improved design solutions to help residents create an office at home. Leadership on the part of real estate executives matters more than ever in these uncertain times and a crisis of this magnitude could further upend the ways in which we work, shop, and live. As Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said this fall: “I didn’t know that I would make 10 years’ worth of decisions in 10 weeks.

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BR Real Estate Guide 2019

The real estate industry in 2019 remains on a growth trend in terms on investments
due to attractive yields in the major property segments, while prices are going up at a
moderate pace, say players. On this backdrop, Business Review launches this year’s real
state supplement to present main developments on the market in the first semester and
to gauge the potential of the industry for the second half of 2019. The property sector is
on track to generate more than EUR 1 billion worth of investment transactions this year.
The exclusive features cover the evolution of the office, industrial, retail and residential
sectors, while also analyzing the factors that shape the industry, ranging from fiscal and
legal provisions, to innovation in technology and changing consumption patterns of
individuals and companies.

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BR Invest in Romania 2017

INVEST IN ROMANIA is a comprehensive source of information dedicated to active investors looking for business opportunities in Romania. The guide provides in-depth guideline for investing in Romania, addressing both foreign companies looking to enter the market, as well as local companies set to expand their business here.

This guide features not only the evolution of the most important and attractive industries but also the opinion of specialists who outline the importance of investing in the local business environment. It also includes a comprehensive analysis of the eight regions of development in Romania, identifying their strengths and weaknesses through their main current and future macroeconomic indicators.

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BR Real Estate Guide 2017

Business Review’s latest Real Estate Guide reveals that the first semester of 2017 has been a positive one for the local real estate market and the upward trend looks set to maintain for the rest of the year.
Through in-depth analyses dedicated to the office, residential, commercial and industrial markets, the guide reviews the main developments on the real estate market, the players’ forecast for the remaining of 2017 as well as new trends taking shape. Business Review looks into the growing popularity of mixed-use projects on the local market and new office trends taking shape in light of shifting work patterns.


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BR Real Estate Guide 2016

BR Real Estate GuideThe performance of the real estate market has always been a good indicator of the overall state of the economy.

When demand for office space is going up, companies feel confident enough to expand their operations and that newcomers are entering the market. Rising demand for logistics and industrial space is similarly good news, while the opening of new malls means developers are banking on increased consumer confidence. The growth of the housing market should be even better proof of an overall positive outlook for the economy.

The industry representatives BR talked to, for this first semester edition of its real estate supplement, confirm that the market is indeed on an upward trend overall. In fact, they talk of solid and sustainable growth across all sectors during the first half of the year. The office market in particular, where this year’s deliveries are estimated to be some five times higher than 2015’s, is faring well, they say.

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BR Invest in Romania 2016

Invest in Romania guide, published by Business Review, is an attempt to support the community of both local and foreign investors by offering them the most relevant information about Romania as a destination for investments.
This guide features not only the evolution of the most important and attractive industries but also the opinion of specialists who outline the importance of investing in the local business environment. It also includes a comprehensive analysis of the eight regions of development in Romania, identifying their strengths and weaknesses through their main current and future macroeconomic indicators.

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BR Property

coperta suplimentBusiness Review presents the biggest deals, the most important insights and the hottest trends on the real-estate market for the first half of 2014 in its BR Property SUpplement. Demand for office space in the capital was up by about 25 percent in the first semester against the same period of last year, and the trend is expected to continue.Housing demand is on the rise, say pundits, but new developments have stalled as banks remain reluctant to finance residential projects. All this and more in BR Property.

Download link: [restrict message_type=”supliments”]BR Property [/restrict]

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Local Investment Guide Cluj

clujEleven acknowledged universities, large industrial parks, top internet speeds and focus on services are some of the reasons why Cluj-Napoca is one of the country’s top investment destinations. The Cluj City Hall has several priority infrastructure works under way and is offering tax exemptions to make investors flock to the city, which aims to become a national and European innovation pole. Cluj authorities are backing up the Cluj IT Cluster, which is rolling out in parallel several tens of projects that will place Cluj on the global innovation map and make it a research hub for companies and public institutions. Download link: [restrict message_type=”supliments”]Local Investment Guide Cluj [/restrict]

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SME Guide 2014 – 2015

LoRes_BR Guide_SMEs 2014_Cover1The 2014-2015 edition of The Practical Guide for SMEs, published by Business Review, tackles issues of interest to small and medium-sized enterprises while taking into account their needs and the challenges they are confronting. Topics approached in the guide range from financing, cash-flow management and dedicated services to CSR and HR. Download link:  [restrict message_type=”supliments”]BR Guide_SMEs 2014-2015 [/restrict]

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Tax&Law Supplement #2

coperta suplimentAround 1.5 million people are working “under the table” in Romania, some because they cannot find an official job and others because companies do not want to pay the full taxes. In rural areas, people have even fewer opportunities and often either work in the agricultural sector, where tax evasion remains high, or flee abroad in search of a job. The government has failed to ease labor taxation in the past two years and will make another attempt this June. Find out more by reading the second Tax&Law Supplement out this year from Business Review. Download link:  [restrict message_type=”supliments”]Tax&law Supplement #2 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [/restrict]

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Local Investment Guide: Sibiu

sibiu suplimentIs there business outside Bucharest? There certainly is – and to find out where to invest and what the economy looks like outside the capital, BR is launching a series of supplements dedicated to the main development poles around the country. The first issue focuses on Sibiu County. A strategic position in the heart of Romania, good infrastructure access, a skilled workforce, support from the authorities, a different business culture from Bucharest and the local quality of life have persuaded companies active in various industries to invest in Sibiu. Download link: [restrict message_type=”supliments”] Local Investment Guide: Sibiu CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [/restrict]

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Tax&Law Supplement #1

coperta tll1 Targeting both an audience of business people and industry professionals interested in keeping up with the novelties and changes of the sector, the BR Tax& Law supplement captures in its March edition the main fiscal changes made this year, including the amendments to the calculation of excises. Among the issues presented in the first edition of the supplement is  the controversial tax on special constructions, while the cover story focuses on the key measures that could improve Romania’s tax collection rate, alongside contributions from professionals in the field. Download link: [restrict message_type=”supliments”] Tax&Law Supplement #1 CLICK TO DOWNLOAD [/restrict]      

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Where to Invest Guide 2014 Where to invest cover

A 60-page booklet featuring analyses on the industries that are capturing the interest of foreign investors in the local economy. The guide features two parts: the first one groups industry analyses on sectors such as energy, infrastructure, online, real estate, retail or tourism, while the second gathers opinions from top chambers of commerce and commercial departments of embassies in Romania. Those featured in this guide are AmCham, the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK), the Embassy of Austria, the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC), the Chambre de Commerce, D’Industrie et d’Agriculture Francaise en Roumanie (CCIFER), the Embassy of Greece, the Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Romania (CCIpR) and the Romanian South African Business Association (ROSABA). For full access to the guide please see the available BR subscription offers.        

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The Practical Guide for SMEs 2013   Coperta Ghid SMEs 2013

The Practical Guide for SMEs, published at the end of 2013, was designed to provide a collection of helpful insights on the main areas of interests for SMEs, from accessing finance sources and employee management and training to technology solutions. The guide features  analyses on HR, management and leadership issues from an SMEs perspective, interviews and  opinions from SMEs owners and updates on the fiscal framework that SMEs need to navigate.

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Cover_1_BR City Guide 20152015: Bucharest City Guide

The 2015 Bucharest City Guide brings you the must-read insider’s low-down on what to see, what to do and where to eat in Romania’s vibrant capital city, drawing on the expertise of a mixed local and expat team of journalists. With a portable and easy-to-use format, the guide is divided into sections and maps.

Romania’s checkered history is writ large on the face of its capital city, which boasts an eclectic mishmash of architectural styles and eye-catching structures. It’s worth taking a while to stroll through the center of town; almost any wander will take you past some striking and attractive buildings. At the beginning of the 20th century, Bucharest’s elegance earned it the moniker of “the little Paris”. Many of its landmark buildings, constructed in the 19th century, display the influence of the French architectural style. Several are on or around Calea Victoriei, one of the city’s main north-south thoroughfares, so easily seen on a walking tour. Waiting for you is a fascinating and dynamic metropolis, which yields various charms as you stroll the bustling streets flanked with their eclectic edifices.

2Coperta City Guide 2013013: Bucharest City Guide

The 2013 edition of the Bucharest City Guide is a recommendations and listings pocket    guide on what to see, where to eat and what to do in Romania’s capital city. As a novelty, this    year’s edition of the guide also has a version for mobile devices.With an easy-to-use format, the guide is divided into four sections and features two maps. The  sections are: Tourist Info – how to get around Bucharest; Sightseeing – with subsections on  Landmarks, Byzantine Bucharest, Museums, Souvenir Shops and Guided Tours; Old Town – the  historical zone bustling with restaurants, bars, terraces and cafes at the very heart of the city,  with accompanying map; and Restaurants – our recommendations of the best places to eat,  organized by type of cuisine (including the top restaurants serving Romanian food). Venues are  marked on the map by symbols reflecting the type of establishment they represent.


 2011: Bucharest City Guide

The Bucharest 2011 City Guide, a 32-page pocket-size booklet, provides useful information and reviews on sightseeing options in Bucharest, the local public transport network, restaurants and coffeehouses, the city’s old center and nightlife. The guide outlines sightseeing alternatives in Romania’s capital city, from landmark venues and buildings to Byzantine Bucharest and museums, and includes a selection of top Bucharest restaurants, listed by their specific cuisine. Bucharest’s up-for-it party vibe nightlife is reviewed in its main clubs and party venues, while a special section is dedicated to the Old Town, and its main landmarks, restaurants and cafes, bars and pubs.

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Business Review Legal Guide

The first edition of the Business Review Legal Guide, published in 2011, focused on the New Civil Code. The guide covered the implications this piece of legislation has for those conducting business in Romania. The guide features an interview with Romanian Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu, as well as contributions from representatives of law firms on various issues related to the introduction of the new civil code legislation. Topics discussed in the guide include: the provisions on contracts; new perspectives on contractual balance and issues that need to be considered by diligent creditors; the Company Law and the New Civil Code; the impact of the New Civil Code on bank loans; security agreements under the New Civil Code.

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Business Review Telecom Guide


   The Business Review Telecom guide covered the year’s developments in residential mobile    telephony, fixed telecom services, and the business-to-business landscape. The guide includes      analyses of the telecom players’ strategies for 2011, potential development paths for  technologies and  new services and their impact.



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