Poker Hands Rankings: What Beats What in Poker

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 29/12/2022 | 18:23

Casino games like Poker have been widely famous among the people. They are widely famous and are considered a good pastime. But after the shift of Poker from offline to online, things have changed quite a lot. Now Poker has entered the threshold of millions of people around the world.


Do you wish to be a veritable champion in this game? Know that your prowess and skills depend to quite an extent on the poker hand rankings. The ranking goes from strength to weakness. Are you an enthusiast? If yes, then, in that case, you’ve got to know things in detail. The discussion is about Poker Hands Ranking.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Poker?

Before entering the Poker HANDS, let us understand why Poker is blessed with God’s benevolent HANDS. Of course, we mean the benefits of Poker.

1. It Makes You Observant 

One of the greatest ways to win the world, as they say, is by observing the world. It’s a great tip that you can learn in life. You must be observant in nature. At least you can do it with Poker.

2. Improves The Social Skills 

When you play Poker offline, you meet with different groups of people. You get the opportunity to exchange ideas. You not only know about the Poker hands ranking but also know different people for sure. In a way, Poker improves your social skills.

  • Improves strategic thinking.
  • Social skill improvement.
  • Focus enhancement.
  • Self Contentment.

What Are Poker Hands?

Many consider Poker a bit less of a casino game. This denotes a great deal of understanding needs to be attained in the game play strategy building. So if you want to increase your grasp on poker games, you need to form an understanding of the Poker hand ranking.

In Poker, the players form a set of five cards, which they call poker hands. According to the rules of the game, they have more than five cards with them. But at the same time, they are always focused on the best five combination counts. This is the ultimate aim.

You need to understand that there are ten different kinds of Poker hands. You can rank them from the strongest to the weakest. Please remember the poker ranks are based on the five cards only.

What Beats What? 

Now we come to the main section of the understanding or discussion, which is poker hand rankings. Can you tell which one is the strongest? We will discuss them here in this section. So let’s get started with the discussion here.

1. Royal Flush 

As the name suggests, Royal flush is this game’s strongest possible card set. It features consecutive cards of the same suit. They are in order starting from 5 to 10 in their ranking.

2. Straight Flush 

This is another combination of five cards that come in a sequence. You can call it the sequential value of the same suit. This combination is extremely strong but can only be beaten by the Royal flush. When you create this combination, you have a fairly good opportunity of scoring points in the game.

3. Four Of A Kind 

The combination constitutes the same card in all four suits. Here the five-card hand is completed by the highest card. This is also quite a strong combination and is considered a strong card. Only the other three described above are stronger than the two.

4. Full House 

Here you have the same value cards and in three different suits. Not only this, but here you have a separate pair of the same rank card. You get them in two different suits. Now that there is a full house, the winning hand is one with the highest value for the three value cards.

5. Flush 

In the Flush combination, you have the same suit in any order. Now that when two players have the flush, the one with the highest value turns out to be the winner. So, you can find it strong enough to score big points in the game.

6. Straight 

This combination is the sequential value, and it is composed of more than one suit. Here, with an ace, the ranking can be either high or low; they can not be in the same hands. You need to know more about this five-hands ranking combination.

7. Three Of A Kind

You have the poker hand that contains cards of the same rank and in three different suits. It gets completed if you have the two highest cards with your hand.

What Else?

Other than these seven, you have some other hands like Two pairs (sets of two cards of the matching rank). With a pair, you have the same rank in different suits. Finally, you have the High card. It has the lowest ranking. We hope you have gained preliminary knowledge and understanding of the cards.


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