Business Review Awards Gala 2023
Celebrating Romania's Business Champions
18th Edition | March 6, 2023 | Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest

Welcome to the Business Review Awards Gala 2023 official page! Over the previous 17 editions of the event, Business Review set the spotlight on the achievements of the business community, thus awarding and celebrating the companies, business leaders, and entrepreneurs that showed drive, initiative, and who achieved the best results in their class of business.

Facts & Figures from the previous editions

  • 17 Editions of Business Review Awards
  • Over 140 Honorable Jury Members
  • Over 560 of Romania’s most inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, companies, and initiatives in the spotlight
  • More than 2,200 representatives of Romania’s business elite
  • Over 10,000 votes submitted in the Vox Populi/Popular Vote section (2022)
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Witness inspirational initiatives, programs and companies and meet the people behind these successful accomplishments


200+ influential top executives, active investors, successful entrepreneurs, officials and diplomats


A truly special evening in the company of like-minded individuals that aim to create value for businesses, for people, for Romania


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1. Sustainability Project of the Year: Environment
This category aims to recognise companies' efforts towards sustainability and sustainable business development from the environmental perspective. It also highlights the innovative elements that companies embed in their products, services or business strategy to positively impact the environment and assure a greener future for the next generations.
  • A clear sustainability strategy already implemented in Romania;
  • The sustainability strategy should include environmental aspects;
  • Projects and/or initiatives should cover 2 areas: environment and environmental protection (certifications, green financing, renewable energy projects, environmental projects implemented in different communities at local level, environmental initiatives to reduce pollution)
  • The existence of an ESG department and / or a non-financial reporting (GRI standards) is an advantage in the judging process;
  • Environment projects must have a real, measurable and significant impact on society, the business environment, or the company itself.
2. Sustainability Project of the Year: Social
This category aims to recognise companies' efforts towards sustainability and sustainable business development from the social perspective. It also highlights the innovative elements that companies embed in their products, services or business strategy to positively impact society and assure equitable and just conditions for all.
  • A clear sustainability strategy already implemented in Romania;
  • The sustainability strategy should include social aspects;
  • Projects and/or initiatives should meet/cover social aspects (organization's processes, policies, practices and impact with regard to the people, including its workforce, customers, investors, regulators, suppliers, and the communities it operates within)
  • The existence of an ESG department and / or a non-financial reporting (GRI standards) is an advantage in the judging process;
  • Social projects must have a real, measurable and significant impact on society, the business environment, or the company itself.
3. Sustainability Project of the Year: Governance
This category aims to recognise companies' efforts towards sustainability and sustainable business development from the governance perspective. It refers to overall corporate board and management structures, company governance policies such as anti-corruption, and whistleblower policies, executive compensation, tax and accounting practices, and cyber security. In addition to these traditional governance factors, governance of ESG is increasingly becoming a major area of focus for both investors and public companies.
  • A clear sustainability strategy already implemented in Romania;
  • The sustainability strategy should include governance aspects;
  • Projects and/or initiatives should meet/cover governance aspects mentioned in the description of the category
  • The existence of an ESG department and / or a non-financial reporting (GRI standards) is an advantage in the judging process;
  • Governance polices and procedures must have a real, measurable and significant impact on the sector it operates, on the business environment and on the company itself.
4. Best Romanian Brand of the Year
This category aims to recognize those Romanian brands that have managed over time to remain in consumers' preferences, create a unique consumer experience and, through their local and/or regional development, have a significant impact in terms of recognition and sales volume.
  • Degree of internationalization;
  • Must be a Romanian brand, created in Romania by Romanian founders (regardless of the current form of shareholding);
  • The impact of the brand in question both in Romania and abroad, as well as the degree of recognition both among final consumers and in the industry to which it belongs;
  • The impact of the respective brand both in Romania and abroad, in terms of sales volume;
  • The financial value of the brand;
  • The degree of loyalty of the final consumer (in Romania or abroad) towards the brand in question;
  • Longevity on the market;
  • Orientation towards a sustainable strategy;
  • Ability to adapt to the current pandemic context, to offer a unique experience to the target consumer segment.
5. Employer of the Year | Working Romania Champion
The Working Romania Champion | Best Employer of the Year category awards the outstanding achievement of the companies active on the Romanian market – Romanian or multinational ones – when it comes to their HR strategy seen from different perspectives: work from home strategy, motivation and compensation plans, retention of their employees, non-financial benefits adapted to the specific of the pandemic (including measures taken to diminish the negative psychological pressure on their employees).
  • The main features of the HR strategy and its impact on the company’s workforce in the context of the pandemic;
  • The differentiator which makes the company stand out in the crowd, from the HR perspective, in the context of the pandemic;
  • The importance of the following aspects from the company’s HR strategy considering the negative impact of the pandemic: non-financial benefits adapted to the specific of the pandemic; recruitment; inducting new employees; compensating and rewarding its employees; career development pathways; rewarding employee success; internal communications systems; the work from home environment; leadership structures and styles, including promotion opportunities.
6. Innovator of the Year
This award recognizes novel, innovative and research-driven strategies, developed in/for Romania. The category is meant to cover the many developments related to the introduction of new products, services or campaigns, as well as the roll-out of R&D oriented investments in order to bring their contribution to a better life.
  • Clear element/elements of innovation of the business/service;
  • The potential of the smart technology / solution to support the smart development of the society (including cities);
  • Financial support received for implementing the idea (which demonstrates its innovative potential);
  • The outcome/impact on the economy/society;
  • The potential to be scalable / to multiply to other communities / cities.
7. Executive of the Year
This award has been developed to recognize innovation, excellence and results in a corporate setting. Our key goal is to recognize individuals who have demonstrated tangible successes across a number of industries and sectors. Plus, the award seeks to recognize remarkable achievements of business people that go above and beyond their daily roles and responsibilities as head of companies, local or international.
  • The company's growth in revenue and profit;
  • Innovation and transformational changes;
  • Impactful strategies;
  • Contribution to the nation's growth;
  • Activities / successes in the last 12 months when compared to industry peers;
  • Recognized industry expertise;
  • Innovation in company turnaround (where applicable);
  • Examples of company’s innovations that have ‘disrupted’ the industry status quo could be an advantage.
8. Excellence in Business
This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of a local business over a longer period of time, looking at aspects such as innovative character, development achievements, market share and the overall relevance for the local business environment. In today’s hyper-fast world, excellence requires building flexible, nimble organizations that can quickly adapt to rapidly changing markets without losing sight of their vision of winning.
  • A bias for action;
  • Staying close to the customer;
  • Autonomy and entrepreneurship;
  • Clear and compelling organizational values;
  • Focusing on what they do best;
  • The strategy for development in the past years;
  • Unique endeavors to support the local business community;
  • Sustainable development strategy;
  • Top market position;
  • Exceptional business growth compared with peers;
  • Good retention of its personnel;
  • An ongoing employment processes;
  • A low level of the turnover of its workforce.
9. Entrepreneur of the Year
This award recognizes the entrepreneurial efforts and achievements of a local business person who has managed to develop a successful regional or national business, looking either at the innovative nature of the business started or at the growth parameters and the created value.
  • Development of the business over the past two years;
  • Unique characteristics of the business;
  • Innovative approach;
  • Results achieved against investment and the overall industry;
  • Look at the ethics and values exemplified in the business;
  • The added value of his/her business on the market;
  • The capacity to scale up the business.
10. Twenty-five Years of Business in Romania
This category recognizes the contribution of a local or multinational company to the development of the Romanian economy, by investing significant capital into the local market and creating additional opportunities for Romania. It also highlights the company’s contribution to the entire structural evolution of the country in the last 25 years.
  • The level of investments made by the company on the local market in the last 25 years of activity in Romania
  • The cummulated direct contribution of the company to the state budget
  • The current number of employees in Romania
  • The number of jobs created along the entire supply chain in Romania
  • The investments made by the company in sustainability projects (social and environment projects) in the last 25 years
  • The total number of beneficiaries (direct and indirect) of its sustainability projects
  • The innovation brought onto the market during its 25 years of presence in Romania through its portfolio of products or services
11. Public Listed Company of the Year
The category rewards the performance of companies listed on the local capital market, the The Bucharest Stock Exchange - Bursa de Valori Bucuresti (BVB). The local capital market has proven itself as a reliable source of financing for private or government controlled businesses and as a tool for modernizing and improving the Romanian economy. Today, BVB is a a very good indicator of the state of Romania's economic development and a true modern financial market along with all its listed businesses.
  • Market performance of shares in ROI
  • Liquidity of shares
  • The volume of trading shares
  • Success of the IPO (if listed in 2022) or new capital emissions
  • ESG scoring
12. Business Review Special Awards
Through the Special Awards, Business Review aims to acknowledge and celebrate various outstanding achievements of Romanian entrepreneurs, companies, or executives, not covered by the 11 main categories, bringing into the spotlight their inspiring feats and success stories which deserve to be recognized on the prestigious Business Review Awards podium.
Nominate a candidate / project

Nominations period is open for six weeks between January 9 and February 20. Thank you for entering the competition and good luck to all nominees!

Drop us a line if you need any details, here: 


    Your contact details. Please fill in your correct contact details in case we need to contact you for further details regarding your nomination.

    Select the category you want to make a nomination for (you can make multiple nominations, for the same category or several, one at a time):

    Your Nomination. Please provide all relevant details depending on the category you selected. If not sure what to write, please consult the description and judging criteria for each category, HERE.
    Your nomination (Company / NGO / Project / Personality)

    General Information: Please provide a brief historical overview for the nominated Company / NGO / Project / Personality. Both Romanian and English answers are accepted.

    Business Objectives, Achievements and Strategy. Both Romanian and English answers are accepted.

    Evidence of results. Both Romanian and English answers are accepted.

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    Popular Vote

    The popular vote will start after the shortlists for each award category will be announced.

    Jury Members
    Radu Savopol
    Founder, 5 to go
    Teodora Tompea
    Journalist & News Anchor, DIGI24
    Radu Hanga
    President of the Bucharest Stock Exchange
    Alexandra Olaru
    Legal & External Affairs Director, Vodafone Romania
    Madalina Racovitan
    Tax Partner, Head of People Services, KPMG Romania
    Perry Zizzi
    Managing Partner, Dentons Romania
    Emma Toma
    Head of Office Division, AFI Europe Romania
    Sorina Mihai
    Managing Partner, Porter Novelli Romania
    Daniel Anghel
    Tax, Legal & People Services Leader, PwC Romania
    Razvan Parvulescu
    Head of Business Development, BTDConstruct & Ambient
    Catalin Alistari
    Journalist & General Manager at Business Review
    Colin Lovering
    Master of Ceremonies, Business Review Awards
    Anda Sebesi
    Co-Host, Editor-in-Chief Business Review Magazine

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      No refund or credit will be offered on cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the start date and any outstanding payment will be required in full (this also applies to delegates who do not attend on the day).

      Attendance fees will not be refunded (irrespective of the date of booking) in the event of circumstances outside of the organizer’s control.

      By filling out this form you understand and agree that your personal information will be entered in our database and that you may occasionally receive updates from BUSINESS REVIEW and its partners through any available communication method (print, by phone, e-mail, sms).

      Judging Procedure

      The Jury

      • Consists of top senior professionals representing the business community;
      • Is to apply qualitative & quantitative assessments for each candidate based on the information they are given;
      • Is assembled to nominate and vote the best representative for each category.

      Judging process

      Will consist of three steps that include both online activities and one Online Jury Meeting, as follows:

      • a nomination stage – done via our nominations form or email
      • a review stage (shortlisting the top 3-5 nominations in each category)
      • the Jury Meeting when the final vote is cast and the winners of the Business Review Awards 2023 are decided

      Each member of the jury is responsible for their proposals and should nominate candidates which meet the eligibility requirements.

      The nomination stage:

      • Via the online nominations form or email | The jury receives the nominations of the Newsroom. For each category, every member of the jury can propose up to 3 candidates;
      • In case a jury member is representing a company that has been nominated for one or more categories he will not take part in the vote for that specific category (categories);
      • Any company that fits the eligibility requirements can submit an application (self-nomination) on the Business Review Awards event page or at until February 20, 2023.

      Eligibility requirements:

      • Have at least one-year performance history through to December 31st, 2022;
      • Have consistent and positive investment objectives over the past year in accordance with the judging criteria of the specific category they are applying for.

      Shortlisting and final voting stage

      All candidates will fill in and submit a standard online form. These standard forms will be the support for the decision taken by the jury during the online vote and the Jury Meeting. If there are more than 5 nominees in one category, the top 3-5 nominations will be shortlisted by using qualitative assessments.

      The Popular Vote

      Just like at the 2022 edition of the Business Review Awards, you - the BR readers - have a say! Business Review will shortly release the popular vote form, where you will get to decide also who will become Romania's new business champions. The popular vote will be available for all 11 main categories and will count for 50 percent of the final scoring system, the other 50 percent is represented by the votes of the Jury Members.


      All information regarding the nominees is confidential and shall not be disclosed by the jury to the public or any other third party.

      Nomination process

      Step 1: Choose the category that best fit's your achievements or the company’s accomplishments. Submit your nomination/nominations, in English or Romanian, and enter the competition by February 20, 2023!
      *you can fill-in multiple online forms in different categories and the nomination process is free of charge

      Step 2: The BR team reviews all nominations. If all requirements are met, your nomination will be shortlisted and submitted to the Business Review Awards jury members.

      Step 3: All submitted forms are evaluated using qualitative assessments based on their respective award category criteria. 3-5 nominees that are the most successful in complying with the requirements are shortlisted and submitted to the Business Review Awards jury members. The shortlist for each category will be announced on the BR website.

      Step 4: The final vote of the jury and the popular vote will decide the winners in each category of the Business Review Awards.

      Step 5: The winners are announced and awarded their prizes at the Radisson Blu Hotel on March 6, 2023.

      At its 18th edition, the Awards will celebrate 2022’s pacesetters in an intense competition evaluated by an independent jury which ensures the integrity and transparency of the judging process, while the popular vote will give a voice to the BR readership and the general public in choosing Romania's business champions of 2022. The nominees for each category will undergo a judging process and the winners will be publicly announced and presented with their awards during the Gala ceremony.

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