Business Review Awards Gala 2020
March 2 | 2020 | Radisson Blu Hotel | Bucharest

Over the previous 14 editions of the event, Business Review sets the spotlight on the achievements of the business community, thus awarding and celebrating the companies, business leaders and entrepreneurs that showed drive, initiative and who achieved the best results in their class of business.

Facts & Figures from the previous editions

  • 14 Editions of Business Review Awards
  • Over 120 Honorable Jury Members
  • Over 500 of Romania’s most inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, companies and initiatives in the spotlight
  • More than 2,000 representatives of Romania’s business elite
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Witness inspirational initiatives, programs and companies and meet the people behind these successful accomplishments


200+ influential top executives, active investors, successful entrepreneurs, officials and diplomats


A truly special evening in the company of like-minded individuals that aim to create value for businesses, for people, for Romania

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1. CSR initiative of the year
WINNER: Bookster, for The magic of a library project
  • Bookster, for The magic of a library project
  • Immofinanz, for supporting Hospice Casa Sperantei
  • Vodafone Romania, for the renovation and modernization for a neonatal intensive care unit in the South-Eastern Region of Romania
  • Coca-Cola HBC, for La TINEri este Puterea/ YOUth Empowered
  • The TOFLEA Foundation, for MINTE project (Măsuri Integrate pentru Reducerea Abandonului Școlar) and IDEAL project
Best CSR initiative category awards the CSR initiatives of both Romanian and foreign companies and recognizes their contribution to the community, by demonstrating their commitment to implementing medium and long term community development programs/projects with a high social and/or economic impact on the society.
  • Proven social impact of the business / initiative (community impact) in terms of number of direct beneficiaries, the impact on the community it is implemented in, the added value for the local CSR market / civil society scene;
  • Developing long term CSR programs or projects for local communities (long term commitment to the local community);
  • The initiatives must address a real need of the community (e.g. education, social intervention, health, environment, smart city);
  • Being transparent to the local community by publishing annual sustainability reports (GRI 4) is an advantage;
  • The initiative is part of a wider CSR strategy focused on a specific area of interest.
2. Community Development Project of the year
WINNER: Immofinanz, for myhive
  • Electrogrup, for Ghimbav – Brasov Airport project
  • Immofinanz, for myhive
  • One United Properties, for One Floreasca City
  • Forte Partners, for Sector 0 Initiative
  • Iulius, for Iulius Town Timisoara
This category recognizes the efforts made by real estate developers and investors in coagulating the community around a real estate project / a mixed project in a major city. It also awards their social and economic impact in the community where they operate and build such projects.
  • The investment made in the project;
  • The economic impact of the project in the local community;
  • The social impact of the project in the local community (a pole of interaction and social effervescence);
  • The potential of the project to create a business district around it;
  • The complexity of the project (including size, facilities, its potential to become an anchor for the local community).
3. Law Firm of the Year
WINNER: Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații
  • Schoenherr si Asociatii SCA
  • Stoica & Asociații
  • RTPR Allen & Overy
  • Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații
  • Clifford Chance Badea
This category recognizes law firms that have implemented in 2019 initiatives to help grow and improve performance in all areas, including client service, community involvement, business improvement and staff development. It addresses law firms that have successfully managed to have an impact in a highly competitive and volatile business environment.
  • Major managed consultancy projects;
  • Major litigation won;
  • The size of the lawyer team;
  • Number of partners, distinct units of competence;
  • Participation in events in which the knowledge gained was shared by the community.
4. Innovator of the year
WINNER: Arctic & Kinderpedia (ex-aequo)
  • UiPath, for developing a low code, AI-powered hyperautomation platform
  • Kinderpedia, for the smart tool created for educators, teachers and principals
  • Arctic, for opening the first Industry 4.0 factory in Romania
  • FintechOS, for the platform with embedded AI capabilities for the use of the customers
  • Druid, for the AI-drive personal assistant
  • Groupama Asigurari, for Video Assist, the smartphone app for registering claims
  • Mindspace, a modern coworking center
  • Vodafone, for the first live concert that integrated a live hologram, a world premiere
  •, for Vola Rambursabil, an insurance service unique in Romania
This award recognizes novel, innovative and research-driven strategies, developed in/for Romania. The category is meant to cover the many developments related to the introduction of new products, services or campaigns, as well as the roll-out of R&D oriented investments in order to bring their contribution to a better life.
  • Clear element/elements of innovation of the business/service;
  • The potential of the smart technology / solution to support the smart development of the society (including cities);
  • Financial support received for implementing the idea (which demonstrates its innovative potential);
  • The outcome/impact on the economy/society;
  • The potential to be scalable / to multiply to other communities / cities.
5. Employer of the year
WINNER: Vodafone Romania
  • Banca Transilvania
  • Genpact
  • Groupama Asigurari
  • Vodafone Romania
  • Zitec
This category recognizes the best employer branding strategies in the Romanian corporate sector, highlighting their impact on the local labor market in general and the specific sector they operate in. It also awards the strategies meant to attract and retain employees and thus, diminishing the turnover of human capital within a company / sector.
  • The main features of the employer branding strategy and its impact on the company’s workforce;
  • The differentiator which makes the company stand out in the crowd ;
  • The ways used to fish out the exceptional talents from the industry the company operates in;
  • How many of the following aspects are included in the company’s employer branding strategy: recruitment; inducting new employees; compensating and rewarding its employees; career development pathways; rewarding employee success; internal communications systems; the physical work environment; the organization’s mission, vision, values, and company culture; corporate social responsibility; leadership structures and styles,  including promotion opportunities; human resource management policies and procedures; performance management and appraisal systems; whether the organization is perceived as being innovative.
6. Acquisition of the year
WINNER: Medlife, for buying 51 percent of the stake in Rózsakert Medical Center
  • Medlife, for buying 51 percent of the stake in Rózsakert Medical Center
  • Vodafone Romania, for buying UPC Romania
  • Abris, for buying Dentotal
  • Innova Capital, for buying Optiplaza and Optical Network
  • AFI, for buying NEPI’s office portfolio in Romania
This category acknowledges the most important business acquisitions of the previous year. It recognizes the acquisition that had the biggest impact and significance in 2019, in financial terms and in the development of the local economy, or of a particular industry. It looks at novel elements of the respective transaction, and how the deal stands out on the local or regional business scene.
  • Value of the transaction;
  • Impact within the industry/ local business scene and economy as a whole;
  • Novelty elements characteristic to the transaction;
  • The added value brought by the acquisition (both to the specific market/industry and to the customers);
  • The way the acquisition influenced the competition on the specific industry/market.
7. Executive of the year
WINNER: Mihai Marcu, MedLife
  • Fulga Dinu, Immofinanz
  • Radu Savopol, 5 to go
  • Mihai Marcu, MedLife
  • Alexandru Lăpușan, Zitec
  • Antonio Eram, Netopia Payments
  • Iulian Dascalu, Iulius
This award has been developed to recognize innovation, excellence and results in a corporate setting. Our key goal is to recognize individuals who have demonstrated tangible successes across a number of industries and sectors. Plus, the award seeks to recognize remarkable achievements of business people that go above and beyond their daily roles and responsibilities as head of companies, local or international.
  • The company's growth in revenue and profit;
  • Innovation and transformational changes;
  • Impactful strategies;
  • Contribution to the nation's growth;
  • Activities / successes in the last 12 months when compared to industry peers;
  • Recognized industry expertise;
  • Innovation in company turnaround (where applicable);
  • Examples of company’s innovations that have ‘disrupted’ the industry status quo could be an advantage.
8. Excellence in business
  • MedLife
  • 5 to go
  • Autonom
  • Farmec
  • Grampet Group
  • Netopia Payments
  • Zitec
This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of a local business over a longer period of time, looking at aspects such as innovative character, development achievements, market share and the overall relevance for the local business environment. In today’s hyper-fast world, excellence requires building flexible, nimble organizations that can quickly adapt to rapidly changing markets without losing sight of their vision of winning.
  • A bias for action;
  • Staying close to the customer;
  • Autonomy and entrepreneurship;
  • Clear and compelling organizational values;
  • Focusing on what they do best;
  • The strategy for development in the past years;
  • Unique endeavors to support the local business community;
  • Sustainable development strategy;
  • Top market position;
  • Exceptional business growth compared with peers;
  • Good retention of its personnel;
  • An ongoing employment processes;
  • A low level of the turnover of its workforce.
9. Sustainability Plan of the Year
WINNER: Biodeck, for biodegradable and compostable packaging
  • Biodeck, for biodegradable and compostable packaging
  • Lidl Romania, for sustainable development goals
  • Kaufland Romania, for the program to reduce single-use plastic bags
  • Skanska Property Romania, for Equilibrium 1 office project
  • Cooperativa de Energie, for making green energy
This category highlights the most significant sustainable initiative taken by companies operating in Romania and awards large companies on their performance reducing carbon and waste, their gender diversity among leadership, revenues derived from clean products, and overall sustainability.
  • Implementing solutions to reduce the use of plastic and encouraging customers to adopt a responsible behavior towards the environment;
  • The targets set on a short to medium term (by 2021) to find solutions to encourage the separate waste collection;
  • Promoting and encouraging the gender diversity and empowering women;
  • Developing initiatives to protect the environment and empower citizens from large urban areas to contribute to this collective effort;
  • Depending on the industry the company operates, adopting as many as possible Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be an advantage if named;
  • Concrete directions of the sustainable development strategy of the company.
10. Jury award of the year | Vox Populi
WINNER: Iulian Rotariu
We believe that role models and opinion leaders across all industries have a crucial role in shaping us and our well-being, therefore Business Review invites you to be a part of the voting process. This edition introduces a new category open for voting! Choose your favorite outstanding personality, who makes us proud to be Romanians, from the ones proposed by this edition’s jury members.
Nominate a candidate / project

Thank you for entering the competition by February 16, 2020. Good luck to all nominees!

Please drop us a line if you need any details, here: 

Jury members
President of the Jury | Dragos Anastasiu
President | Coalitia pentru Dezvoltarea Romaniei
Anca Damour
Executive Board Member | Carrefour
Doru Dima
Fulga Dinu
Country Manager | IMMOFINANZ
Razvan Iorgu
Managing Director | CBRE Romania
Serban Roman
Vice President, Country Director Romania | Enterprise Investors
Miruna Suciu
Managing Partner | Suciu Popa si Asociatii
Andrei Savescu
Founder |
Ufuk Tandogan
CEO | Garanti BBVA Romania
Felix Tataru
President | GMP Group
Judging Procedure

The Jury

  • Consists of top senior professionals representing the business community
  • Is to apply qualitative & quantitative assessments for each candidate based on the information they are given
  • Is assembled to nominate and vote the best representative for each category

Judging process

Will consist of three steps that include both online activities and one Jury Meeting, as follows:

  • a nomination stage – done via email
  • a review stage (short listing – online vote on the eve of the Jury Meeting)
  • the Jury Meeting when the final vote is cast

Each member of the jury is responsible for their proposals and should nominate candidates which meet the eligibility requirements.

The nomination stage:

  • Via email | The jury receives the nominations of the Newsroom. For each category every member of the jury can propose up to 3 candidates. After the jury nominations, the proposed candidates will receive a standard form to fill in and submit before the second round of the judging process
  • In case a jury member is representing a company that has been nominated for one or more categories he will not take part at the vote for that specific category (categories)
  • Any company that fits the eligibility requirements can submit an application (self-nomination) on the Business Review Awards event page or at until February 16

Eligibility requirements:

  • Have at least one-year performance history through to December 31st, 2019;
  • Have consistent and positive investment objectives over the past year in accordance with the judging criteria of the specific category they are applying for.

Shortlisting and final voting stage

All candidates will fill-in and submit a standard online form. These standard forms will be the support for the decision taken by the jury during the online vote and the live meeting. If there are more than 3 nominees in one category, the jury will short list the top 5 by a ranking system previous agreed on, or simply using qualitative assessments.


All information regarding the nominees is confidential and shall not be disclosed by the jury to the public or any other third party.


Jury award of the year

We believe that role models and opinion leaders across all industries have a crucial role in shaping us and our well-being, therefore Business Review invites you to be a part of the voting process. 

This edition introduces a new category open for voting! 

Choose your favorite outstanding, illustrious and acclaimed personality, who makes us proud to be Romanians, from the ones proposed by this edition’s jury members.  The winner will be announced at the Business Review Awards Gala, on March 2.

Thank you for voting between February 20 And March 1, 6 pm (GMT 4 pm).

This edition's nominees:

• Daniel Dines, Founder and CEO of UiPath, the first Romanian unicorn

• Chris Simion-Mercurian, director and writer

• Maria Lucia Hohan, designer, owner at MLH Creation Factory

• Valeriu Nicolae, Casa Buna

• Ana Maria Popescu (Branza), 2020 World Cup winner in epee singles

WINNER | Iulian Rotariu, Romanian firefighter who won the 220-km Ultra Africa Race (for supporting the children with autism in Botosani)

• Tudor Giurgiu, film director

Nomination process

Step 1: Choose the category/categories that best fit/s your achievements or the company’s accomplishments.
*you can fill-in multiple online forms in different categories and the nomination process is free of charge

Step 2: Business Review team sends you an email describing the judging process and criteria and attaches the online as well as Word versions of the form for each of the selected categories. Submit your nomination, in English, and enter the competition by February 16!

Step 3: The Jury evaluates all submitted forms and makes a shortlist including 5 nominees that are the most successful in complying with the requirements. The short list will be announced on the website on February 26.

Step 4: The shortlisted nominees receive a VIP invitation to Business Review Awards Gala.

Step 5: The winners are awarded their prizes at the Gala in March 2, in the presence of more than 200 business leaders, officials, leading foreign investors, diplomats and entrepreneurs.

At its 15th edition, the Awards will celebrate 2019’s pacesetters in an intense competition evaluated by an independent jury which ensures the integrity and transparency of the judging process. The nominees for each category will undergo a judging process and the winners will be publicly announced and presented with their awards during the Gala ceremony on March 2, in the presence of Romania’s 200 top business community representatives.


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