BR 18 Year Anniversary!

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2016 marks Business Review’s anniversary: 18 years since the magazine was first published – the premier English-language publication on the Romanian market, providing news coverage along with hard-hitting features, special interest columns, exclusive analyses and industry reports.
And it is more than our symbolic coming of age: we’re really turning the page and releasing the October issue of the magazine with a new layout: easier to read, bolder and even more committed to our mission; over the last 18 years, we have truly become the platform Where Romania Talks Business.

Check out the anniversary issue or drop us a line at if you would like to receive the print version of the magazine. Read the anniversary issue below!


Note from the founding editor, Mr. Bill Avery


For years, many of us in the international community viewed Romania as ‘needing’ things – ideas, investors, infrastructure, and political transparency. Now, just a single generation since the launch of Business Review, I feel it’s the West that needs Romania – we need the creativity, entrepreneurship, confidence and courage of its young, well-educated, digital-savvy class of millennials, whose stories we tell. Read more…



Opinion: Matei Paun – managing partner at BAC

matei paun

Eighteen years ago we were still well in the throes of the post-Soviet bliss. The euro had just been launched; freedom and prosperity seemed to be Europe’s inevitable destiny. Now we’re back in the throes of a new cold war, with Dr. Strangelove squarely in the saddle. The euro was all milk and honey… until it wasn’t. “Dubya” stole the election and ushered in the Neocon era, while now Clinton (Mrs, this time) is America’s Great White Hope against the fascist Putin-puppet that is Trump… or so we’re told. Read more…



Opinion: Ufuk Tandogan – CEO, Garanti Bank Romania

Ufuc TandoganWhile it has never been easy to predict the future, I can’t help but recall a 1971 Fleetwood Mac song lyric that says “You invent the future that you want to face”. It is as simple as it is comprehensive; a truth that applies in all fields, ideologies, arts, businesses, sciences, and so on. Read more…




Opinion: George Costache – CEO, Siemens Romania

George CostacheThe technology for high-tech energy infrastructure is available, the prosumer idea has become a global buzz topic and we have the capabilities to create various IoT applications that aim to make our lives easier. On paper, we are able to build today the society of the future in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. Read more…




Opinion: Anda Sebesi – Editor-in-Chief, Business Review

anda sebesiWith Romania making significant strides in the past two decades, pundits expect things to continue on the right track, but warn that if the local economy fails to remain an attractive target for investors, Romania‘s increasing prosperity will stall. Read more…




Opinion: Ilinca Paun, managing director of Colliers International Romania

Ilinca paunOffices are becoming a symbol of a company’s values, and if they can showcase their employees’ personality, those companies will attract and retain staff. The major changes of recent years are in line with management changes: employees have a greater say and management has become consultative. Read more…





18 year manifesto

Since the beginning, these unwavering principles have been our guiding light:


We believe that Bucharest has earned its place at the table among European capitals; This includes a professional, unbiased source of English-language business news.


To be successful in Romania requires the same level of rigor and professionalism that is taken for granted in the West. We are now part of “the Western way” of doing business.


We believe in the future of Romanian business and the existence of a true professional business class. We are the “next generation” of Romanian business.


The values that power everything we do are Independence, Pride in Our Work, Curiosity and Entrepreneurship Drive.


Business Review is unique, not just through our carefully curated content, but also through the community we have helped build: a unique and powerful mix of driven people you’ll rarely meet anywhere else.


It’s our 18th anniversary, want to leave us a message?

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