Study: share transactions on BVB up by 25 percent last week

Georgeta Gheorghe | 19/06/2017 | 12:28

The value of share transactions on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) went up by 24.89 percent compared to the pervious week, totaling RON 276.29 million, a survey by Intercapital Invest shows.

The most important trade exchanges involved BRD-SG (BRD), worth RON 44 million, followed by trading of Banca Transilvania shares (TLV), worth RON 36,35 million, Romgaz (SNG) , worth RON 30,41 million, OMV Petrom (SNP), worth RON 27,65 million and Fondul Proprietatea (FP), RON 26,74 million.

Last week the total value traded stood at RON 279.99 million lei. Transactions in structured products amounted to RON 3.26 million lei, with bonds of RON 0.25 million lei and fund units of RON 0.20 million.

On the deal market there were exchanges worth RON 55.60 million.

Also, stock indices recorded mixed evolutions ranging from minus 2.15 percent on the BET-NG index, which brings together 10 energy and utilities companies, with a value of 732.37 points plus 1.73 percent on the BET index -FI, that of financial investment companies, with an index closing value of 33,584.41.

In the period surveyed, 31 titles had positive developments, 12 were stable and 34 had negative developments.

The largest increases were recorded on Pharmaceutical Remedia (RMAH), Armor (ARM) and Aerostar (ARS) of 18.11 percent, 12.60 percent and 6.36 percent, respectively. On the other hand, the highest decrease was recorded on the Retrasib titles (RTRA) of 14.58 percent, followed by the 11,03 percent and Electroarges (ELGS) and OIL Terminal (OIL) respectively Of 7.74 percent.

“A new week of declines for most local indices, which were mainly affected by the negative evolution of energy and utilities. Only the BET-FI financial index ended the week on the plus with an increase of 1.73 percent. The opposite was the BET-NG index, with a decrease of 2.15 percent. The index was mainly affected by the titles of OMV Petrom, Romgaz and Electrica, which together have a weight of 68.65 percent in the index, and which have In the current week with 1.06 percent, 2.69 percent and 4.28 percent, respectively. The shares of Transelectrica and Conpet also recorded strong declines of 3.23 percent and 7.14 percent, respectively, but they have lower output in BET-NG, of 6.64 percent and 3.62 percent, respectively. Transgaz’s titles are the only bluechips in the area of energy and utilities that have not fallen in the current week, but have remained stable. Energy and utilities have pulled down and the BET index, which lost 0.5 6 percent of the value in the current week,” reveals the Puls Capital analysis by Intercapital Invest.

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