Top 10 venture capital firms investing in blockchain

Aurel Dragan 14/11/2018 | 17:00

Blockchain technology is attracting a large number of investments around the world so looking at a ranking of the biggest spenders is always interesting, considering that they will be the ones who will have the most to gain in the near future.

But it is not easy to rank them, since there are many different things to consider, starting with total blockchain assets, going to the number of blockchain investments and ending on how long or how active they are in investing.

Crypto Fund Research took all this into consideration in order to find the biggest investors in the field and came up with the most active group of companies in the last 12 months. The total of blockchain deals in the analyzed period reached 282, with an overall deal volume of USD 1.19 billion, and seed funding was the most common deal type.

Number one on the list is New York-based Digital Currency Group. The company has made more investments in blockchain companies than any other investor and it has a total of 58 investments, of which 15 in the last 12 months. The value of the investments is USD 78 million and the largest were made in companies like Basis, Ledger, Circle and Blockchain Inc.

In second place is Pantera Capital, based in California, a hybrid hedge and venture fund making seed investments in blockchain companies, tokens and cryptocurrencies. Its total number of investments is 31, of which 13 in the last 12 months, at an overall investment value of USD 65 million. The main investments were made in Basis, Circle, Harbor and DMarket.

Ranking third is Blockchain Capital from San Francisco, California, one of the oldest investors in the field, with the first move made in 2013. The total number of investments in the company’s history reaches 37, of which 12 in the last year, totalling USD 71 million.

Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, also based in California, is one of the largest venture capital companies, but not investing exclusively in digital assets and blockchain. They have USD 4 billion in assets and got their start in blockchain in 2013, with Ripple. The total number of blockchain investments is 14, of which 9 were in the last 12 months, with a value of USD 55 million.

Node Capital is the next on the list, with 22 investments over the years and 21 in the last 12 months. The value of investments from the Beijing-based company is USD 20 million and the main deals were closed with, HuoBi, Delphy Foundation and Fengwo. Node was co-funded by Jun Du, the CEO of Cointime.

Number six on the list is Boost VC, based in California. The total number of investments is 32, of which 11 were made in the last months with a total value of USD 67 million. Its main investments were in BlockCypher, Tezos, Ledger and Coinbase.

IDG Capital follows – a private equity and venture capital fund based in New York but with a satellite office in Bangalore, India. Total number of investments is 8, of which 4 in the last year and a total value of USD 31 million. Ripple, Circle, Mars Finance and imToken are the main deals made by IDG.

Number 8 in the top is Draper Associates. Also based in California, it is led by the legendary venture investor Tim Draper and started investing in blockchain in 2014. The total number of investments is 17, of which 6 in the last 12 months, with a value of USD 25 million. Its top blockchain investments are Coinbase, Ledger, Factom and CryptoMove.

Ceyuan Ventures is a company based in Beijing, with an additional office in Hong Kong. It has 4 investments in the last year with a value of USD 36 million and its main investments are in Basis, Mars Finance, and OkCoin.

The top 10 is closed by Lightspeed Venture partners, based in California but with offices around the world, including in Israel, China and India. Their total number of blockchain investments is 6, of which 3 in the last year, with a value of USD 24 million. The main investments are in Basis, Blockchain Inc, Saga Foundation and BTCC.

Any ranking for this kind of funds shows that the most investors can be found in the USA, followed by China and the rest of Asia. Europe came in the last place for the number of investments.

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