Docbook, first application in Romania for online doctor appointment aims to reach 60 cities until year-end

Georgiana Bendre | 18/01/2018 | 16:14

Docbook, the first application in Romania for online doctor appointment, plans to expand at national level following EUR 500,000 investments for its development. Currently, the online appointments can be made in 11 cities and the development objective is for 60 cities, until the end of 2018.

Launched in June 2017, Docbook aims to make the patient-doctor relation easier by making appointments from smartphone or web. Also, users can see the doctors’ schedule, their professional skills and can get the appointment confirmation. The application is connected non-stop to all the appointment systems of clinics and partner private medical office and allows users to search for doctors according to names, locality, specialization, date and accepted payment method.

Currently, the clinics that are partners include 75 names, with 1,800 doctors, in 11 cities.

The application shows the doctors ordered by geolocation, from the closest to the farest user, indicating the available hours and days for appointments, as well as their photos and testimonials about them posted by other users. The appointment is free and can be canceled at any moment.

„There are few clinics where you can make an appointment directly and in most of the cases, you need to fill in a form, following a confirmation in 24 hours. The average waiting time and the appointment in call centers lasts for 10 minutes- if you call to one clinic. We are living in the speed century, where nobody has the necessary time or energy for long conversations and waiting to get a doctor appointment. Docbooks meets this efficiency need. Thus, a patient is not obliged to be limited to one clinic, patients have a clinics network to choose from, that we are partners with,” said Cristian Barbu, the entrepreneur who developed Docbook.

„We estimate that this year there will be over 300 partner clinics and over 8,000 available doctors in the application. It’s more than viable objective, considering the advanced discussions in over 40 cities,” added Barbu.

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