Tiriac Energy opens the first four gas stations in franchise, worth EUR 200,000

Georgiana Bendre | 12/05/2017 | 12:23

Tiriac Energy, the energy division of Tiriac group, opens officially the first four stations in franchise, for which it aims to attract 50 partners, after an investment of EUR 200,000. The gas stations chain will operate under the Tiriac Energy–Sincro name.

They units will be located in Botosani, Zalau, Simleu-Silvaniei and Dorobantu county from Constanta, each of them worth EUR 50,000.

“In Romania there are several hundreds of gas stations without a brand, that although they have a good placement, they don’t have enough power to outrun the already known chains. The Tiriac Energy Sincro franchise network is the solution to this problem. We focus both on the stations from urban areas, as well as the ones from highways, to create a strong network,” said Remus Hirceagă, general director of Tiriac Energy.

Besides the gas stations network in franchise, the company aims to position 150 gas stations without personnel, self-service, focusing on speed and the clients’ needs, under the name Tiriac Energy – Prompt.

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