This weekend in Bucharest: Vivaldianno–City of Mirrors

Oana Vasiliu | 18/05/2017 | 09:19

The must-see show from May 21 at Sala Palatului, Vivaldianno –City of Mirrors, combines 3D visual effects, modern audio technology, a superb lightshow and the Baroque genius of Antonio Vivaldi’s music.

That’s the promise of this dazzling live experience, the creation of Czech composer and producer Michal Dvořák, while the visual concept comes from the imagination of Kosuke Sugimoto, the renowned Japanese artist, director and animator.

Dvořák virtually reconstructs the Italian composer’s classic compositions with 30 musicians and a 3D musical onstage, and combines original and modern covers and the energy of Vivaldi’s works with the latest technology. Tickets cost from RON 115 to RON 280.


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