The 2013 modernization project of fiscal administration is only on paper, says ANAF president

Georgiana Bendre | 11/07/2017 | 13:29

The modernization project of fiscal administration (RAMP) closed in 2013, which allows Romania to access EUR 70 million in paid-back funds from the World Bank, remains on paper only, said on Monday the National Agency of Fiscal Administration (ANAF) president, Bogdan Stan.  

“Since I took over this position, at the beginning of this year, I noticed that the IT modernization of ANAF was only on paper, and basically since 2015 until now, in practice nothing happened. The modernization project of fiscal administration (Revenue Administration Modernization Project — RAMP) was only on paper. Between 2015 and 2016, RAMP stopped. There are already major blockages compared with the initial schedule that stipulated that 2018 RAMP should be finished, but due to the general delays of the difficult evaluation process of the technical offers from the six participants, the new implementation term is 1 January 2021,” said Stan.

Stan also says that a rethinking of ANAF options’s is needed, taking into account that RAMP delay can be even bigger.

“We need solutions that can respond as fast as possible to current activity support that implies costs as small as possible,” added Stan.

According to the source, the current infrastructure of servers and stocking units of the Data Centers of ANAF includes the equipments at the end of their life cycle, with an advanced physical and moral depreciation.

„This situation has more causes, the main one being framework agreements and the contracts closed starting 2013. The last contract from the maintenance framework expired in October 2016. Without an improvement of the informatic system, RAMP won’t be applied,”  added Stan.

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