Telekom Romania introduces in Alba Iulia the Smart Education component by implementing Adservio platform

Georgeta Gheorghe | 21/12/2017 | 14:28

Via a protocol for implementing the Smart Education component, part of the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City 2018, Telekom Romania introduces, together with partner Adservio, an integrated educational bundle which includes the license for the Adservio educational management platform Electronic Catalogue and the delivery of 690 tablets for teachers fitted with SIMs for mobile net traffic, with traffic included.

The project developed at Alba Iulia, which aims 18 schools in the city, is part of a wider strategy of Telekom Romania of implementing Smart City solutions. This component completes the objectives of the company of expanding its own operations on this innovation segment and of consolidating the position if ITC solutions integrator on the local market.

”As we already announced, the experience gathered by Telekom Romania in developing and implementing Smart City technologies will be present in Alba Iulia, too, within several projects of this kind. The first step is made together with our partners at Adservio, by launching the Smart Education component. I am glad that Telekom Romania can put the footprint of the future’s technology in education, too. Because the adoption of digital technologies, through Telekom Romania, represents the opening of the door towards a smart future,” said Ovidiu Ghiman, executive commercial director, Business Segment, Telekom Romania.

The bundle implemented by Telekom Romania provides access to teachers, directors and representatives of the schools’ secretariats, as well as to pupils, parents, City Hall’s representatives and School Inspectorate to the data available in the Electronic Catalogue. For 690 users (teachers, representatives of the County School Inspectorate), there are available Samsung Galaxy TAB E tablets, fitted with SIMs for data for the teachers, directors and secretaries of the schools.

These users benefit from trainings for the efficient use of all the capabilities of the educational management platform.

“In 2018, together with Telekom Romania, we aim at exceeding the threshold of 500,000 users and expand on several markets in Europe. We will continue the expansion at national level and improve the activity of all those involved in the educational system in Romania: directors, secretaries, teachers, pupils and parents. We end 2017 with a growth of 150 percent of the number of schools which use our platform compared to 2016; we have over 5,000 teachers using it, from the total of over 200,000 users curently. With the partnership with Telekom we seek to make more efficient the process of digitalizing the education at national scale”, said Alexandru Holicov, founder of Adservio.

The Adservio platform, created in 2008, offers a multilevel use, providing parents a tool for monitoring the educational performance of the child, to teachers – a tool of simple and efficient management doubled by an advanced methodology of teaching, and to pupils – a more creative and pleasant learning experience.

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