Sebastian Ghita opposes extradition to Romania, cites political persecution

Georgeta Gheorghe | 19/05/2017 | 17:47

Businessman Sebastian Ghita, who currently is in custody in Serbia, said Friday in Belgrade, where faced a request by the Romanian authorities for extradition, said he opposes extradition, alleging that he is a victim of political persecution, said, citing Serbian Tanjug agency.

Sebastian Ghita’s lawyer requested that the measure of detention be replaced by home arrest. The court is due to decide on the matter.

Ghita, who was brought from the Belgrade district jail, was made by a preliminary chamber judge on the basis of the Law on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.

Former deputy Sebastian Ghita was detained in Belgrade on April 13. Ghita was carrying a Slovenian ID and driver’s license and was with his brother at the time he was detailed by authorities.

On April 27, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader announced that the Romanian authorities had sent to Belgrade all the documents for the extradition of Sebastian Ghita.

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