Romania’s energy production up by 3.4 pct in January, on falling exports/imports

Georgiana Bendre | 13/03/2017 | 12:04

Romania’s energy production rose by 3.4 percent in January, compared with the same month of last year, to 6.45 billion kWh due to an increase of output by 5 percent in the hydro stations  and by 4.4 percent in the thermal stations, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

On the other hand, the energy imports went down by 24.4 percent to 171 million kWh, while exports fell by 15.4 percent to 729.9 million Kwh.

The nuclear-electric stations production was 1.02 billion kWh, a drop by 1.6 percent, while the one from the wind electric stations was 801.5 million kWh, a growth by 3.8 percent. The  solar energy produced in photovoltaic installations in this period was 68.6 million kWh, a drop by 2.4 percent compared with the same period of 2016.

The final consumption of energy in this period was 5.036 billion kWh, by 4.4 percent more than the same period of 2016, taking in account that the street lighting registered a drop of 4.6 percent and households’ consumption dropped by 1.7 percent. The technological consumptiuon from the networks and stations was 850 million kWh, a growth by 80.1 million kWh.

During January 1-31, the main energy sources climbed by 12.8 percent and the electric energy resources increased compared with the same period of 2016 by 2.4 percent.

The main resources of energy in 2017 amounted to 3.11 million tones equivalent to oil (tep), a growth by 352,100 tep compared with the same period of 2016.

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