Romania’s culture expenditure smallest in the EU in 2015

Georgeta Gheorghe | 07/08/2017 | 14:27

In 2015 Romania had the smallest culture expenditure among European Union member states, compared to the size of its population, data released by the Eurostat shows. 

Compared to the size of its population, Romania spent the least on “leisure, culture and religion,” in 2015. The EU countries with the biggest culture expenditure in 2015 were Luxembourg (1,068) and Denmark (EUR 843), followed by Finland (EUR 565), the Netherlands (EUR 561), Sweden (EUR 499), Austria (EUR 487), Belgium (EUR 437) and France (EUR 435).

Romania spent the least in the EU, namely EUR 97, followed by Bulgaria (EUR 106), Greece (EUR 113), Lithuania (EUR 120), Poland (EUR 126), Portugal (EUR 130), Slovakia (EUR 149). In 2015, the average level of expenditure for “leisure, culture and religion” across the EU stood at EUR 299 per capita.

In 2015, the 28 EU member states reported government spending of almost EUR 153 billion for “leisure, culture and religion,” the equivalent of 1 percent of the GDP.

By comparison, the amounts spent on key sectors, the amounts spent are much higher : social security -19.2 percent of GDP , healthcare – 7.2 percent, education – 4.9 percent or defence – 1.4 percent. By contrast, environment protection and housing and community facilities received the smallest amounts, namely 0.8 and 0.6 percent.

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