Prima Casa program reaches record demand

Georgiana Bendre | 11/05/2017 | 13:15

The state-backed mortgage guarantee program Prima Casa has seen demand surge to a record of 500 requests daily, according to a press release of the National Guarantee Fund of Loans for SMEs (FNGCIMM).

„The program Prima Casa is the most accessed Government program of FNGCIMM, as the statistics and analysis show a year-to-year evolution and the number of gurantees requests reached a historical maximum. FNGCIMM successfully implements Prima Casa program since 2009 and until now over 200,000 Romanians acquired houses. We remain the trustworthy partner both for beneficiaries and the banks,” says the document.

FNGCIMM ensures the potential beneficiaries that at the moment there are sufficient funds for issuing guarantees for the submissions.

„The year 2017 closes by focusing the guarantee requests on a shorter period compared with the previous years, which influenced the daily operational flow, in a significant measures: over 7,000 files in different analysis levels and the new requests that we register daily. This is a challenge for the FNGCIMM team,” says the source.

The fund also says that it supplemented the employees number in all the analysis stages and expanded the work schedule.

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