Managers in Romania expect growth of activity in main fields by August

Ovidiu Posirca | 28/06/2017 | 12:15

The managers of firms in Romania expect an increase of activity in industry, constructions, services and trade in the June-August period, according to a business tendency survey published by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

In addition, managers expect an increase of prices in the constructions and industry fields and a medium growth in the number of new hires.

On manufacturing, the heads of business forecast a moderate growth of the production volume, with a balance +10 percent for the next three months. For the manufacture of beverages a significant growth tendency is expected at a balance of +42 percent. For the prices of the industrial products, a moderate growth is forecasted for the next three months – balance +7 percent, according to the INS.

On constructions, a growth in the production volume of +26 percent in expect by August. Managers also expect a moderate growth in the number of employees, balance of +10 percent.

In the retail trade sector, managers expect a growth, with a balance of +25 percent in the next three months. On the number of employees, a balance of +12 percent is forecasted.

The services are set to record a moderate growth, balance of +14 percent, according to the expectations of managers. The hiring of new employees is forecasted to post a balance of +4 percent.

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Source: INS

The balance indicates the perception of the companies’ managers over the dynamics of a phenomenon, which should not be seen as the intensity of increase or decrease of the statistical indicator value.


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