Magnificus Plaza to invest EUR 1 mln in first events room in franchise system

Georgiana Bendre | 27/06/2017 | 14:26

Magnificus Plaza will open the first events room in franchise system in May 2018 and its investment is worth EUR 1 million. The project will be located in Suceava city, at around 6 km of Cetatea de Scaun.

The building will have two salons, with a capacity of around 700 persons, which can host a wide array of events, including weddings and business conferences.

Magnificus Plaza Suceava will have a surface of 900 sqm and a parking lot of 2,000 sqm. It will have 25 employees.

“We finished the foundation and at the beginning of May 2018 we’ll probably open it,” said Ciprian Gafincu, general manager Magnificus Plaza.

The franchise royalty is EUR 29,000 and the minimum investment starts from EUR 550,000, without the land costs. The franchisee has to pay EUR 50,000 to ensure the operation in the first months since the opening. Also there will be a tax of EUR 15,000 for promotion and marketing actions.

Maginificus Plaza Suceava was designed by the architect Theodora Andronic, under the supervision of Mircea Daneasa, a plastic artist from Suceava.

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