Gothaer Asigurari Reasigurari renews the mandates for its executive team

Georgiana Bendre | 17/07/2017 | 15:56

The Administration Council of Gothaer Asigurari Reasigurari renews the mandates for Anca Babaneata–CEO and Ionut Baciu –deputy CEO&CFO. The new mandates start on July 1 and are valid for 4 years.

Anca Babaneata is at her third CEO mandate for the Romanian subsidiary of Gothaer, and also has a member mandate in the Administration Council of the isurer. She joined the company in 2009, at the beginning as insurance director and in 2010 as vice-general director. Babaneata was appointed in 2011 as CEO, taking over the position from Efraim Naimer. Currently, she coordinates the activity of Gothaer in Romania together with Ionut Baciu, vice-general director & CFO and Cosmin Angheluta, vice-general director and executive director of sales.

Baciu is on its second mandate as deputy-CEO and has over 14 years’ worth of activity in insurance and is also the CFO of the company.

“In a challenging insurance market, we succeed to keep a clear direction and a profitable growth,” says Baciu.

Angheluta is the sales head since 2012, holding several position within the company, as sales director of the Bucharest subsidiary until 2014 and executive-sales director starting 2015 and now as vice-general director.

The insurer is still in the expansion stage, aiming to reach break-even and turn a profit in the next years.

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