Canada’s ambassador: All Romanian citizens can travel to Canada without visas starting December 1

Georgiana Bendre | 30/03/2017 | 16:24

Romanians who own a valid visa for USA or received a visa for Canada in the last 10 years will travel to Canada without visa from May 1 and from December 1 all citizens will travel to Canada without visa, said on Thursday Kevin Hamilton, the ambassador of Canada to Romania, according to Agerpres.

“The Canadian officials evaluated Romania, we saw the progress that they made in passports, migration regulation fields etc, and this is why we concluded an agreement so that Romanian citizens will travel soon in Canada without visas,” said Hamilton during a conference on the urban projects theme.

He says that what Romanians have to do to travel to Canada is to fill in a form on the Embassy’s site, respectively the Electronic Travel Authority.

“It takes two minutes and costs USD 7. It is supplied to all the citizens from the countries exempted from visas who want to visit Canada, whether for tourism or for business. If in 2017 you intend to visit Canada, this is what you have to do,” said Hamilton.

Regarding CETA, the free trade agreement between EU and Canada, he says that Romania is positioned to benefit directly of all the CETA fields, whether it’s about goods trade, customs tariffs reduction, the intellectual property rights and the work force mobility.

“Currently, over 300 Romanian companies, of all sizes, export a wide range of goods and services to Canada,” said the diplomat.

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