BCR grants EUR 23.4 mln loan to Romcarton for new factory in Popesti-Leordeni

Georgiana Bendre | 17/05/2017 | 14:18

BCR offers Romcarton SA, the company member of Rossmann group, one of the important companies of packages from wavy cardboard production, a loan of EUR 23.4 million to build a new factory in Popesti-Leordeni. The overall investment for the factory stands at EUR 27.5 million.

The loan was approved at the beginning of March and the new factory will have a surface of 3.4 hectares. The project will be finished this year.

“It’s a reference moment in the evolution of our group from Romania: the new construction, bigger, with updated spaces around the technological flows, the installation of modern equipments, resulting in an improved environment,” said Paul-Henri Kohler, general director of the group.

“Romania needs this kind of projects, that confirms the trusts of the investors in the local industry and in the development potential of Romanian economy,” said Catalina Porojan, executive director of Large Corporate BCR group.

Romcarton is the first producer of packages from wavy cardboard production, with an experience of almost 30 years in the profile industry and the clients come from food and wide consume goods. At global level, Rossmann controls 25 factories, out of which 22 in Europe and three in Africa, with a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes of wavy cardboard and 300,000 tonnes of paper.

BCR is member of Erste Group, an important financial group from Romania.

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