Access MBA One-to-one Event

Business Agenda April 18, 2014 13:18 0 comments

Access MBA and Access Masters tours represent a series of events that take place biannually in over 55 cities around the world. The tours bring together elite international business schools and high-caliber candidates. Over 120 top business schools trust our organization to promote their MBA and Master programs all over the world, making it the leader in “One-to-One” MBA and personalized Masters…more »


Only 50,000 new positions were created in Romania in the past year

Human Resources April 18, 2014 13:09 0 comments

In spite of economic growth posted last year, Romania saw only 50,000 new open positions being created and the unemployment…more »


Romania to exempt heavy industry from green energy costs

Green & Renewables April 18, 2014 11:57 0 comments

Romania plans to exempt large industrial energy users from paying up to 60% of their renewable energy costs for 10…more »


Former residence of Ceausescu, up for sale

Commercial April 18, 2014 10:59 0 comments

The former private residence of late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, the Primaverii Palace in Bucharest, will be up for sale,…more »


Bread and baking industry announces first results after VAT cutback. Is the meat industry next?

Business April 18, 2014 09:54 0 comments

Taxed production is up 25 percent for flour and 20 percent for bread six months after the VAT was cut…more »

Belgian Week Crowne Plaza_Mousse de ciocolata belgiana cu frisca

Authentic Belgian culinary experience at the Belgian Week

Cultural Calendar April 18, 2014 08:00 0 comments

Between April 22 and May 1, at Crowne Plaza will be celebrated the Belgian Week, an event that celebrates the…more »

gabriel garcia marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez dead: Nobel Prize-winning author dies at 87

Featured April 17, 2014 23:20 0 comments

Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died at age 87, a source close to the family told the Associated Press.…more »

Traian Basescu_Romanian President

Basescu reacts to Putin’s threats: “Questioning borders is inadmissible”

Featured April 17, 2014 23:14 0 comments

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine's leaders on Thursday of committing a "grave crime" by using the army to quell…more »

Vans opens first concept store in Romania

Retail & FMCG April 17, 2014 18:06 0 comments

American brand Vans opens its first concept store in Romania today, (Thursday, April 17) within the AFI Palace Cotroceni shopping…more »


Number of insolvent firms in Q1 of 2014 down 10 percent on year

Business April 17, 2014 17:42 0 comments

The number of firms that have entered insolvency in the first three months of 2014 is down 9.75 percent compared…more »


BRD reports EUR 918 mln factoring turnover in 2013

Banking April 17, 2014 16:49 0 comments

BRD said Thursday that it registered EUR 918 million in turnover from factoring operations, holding the leading position with a…more »