Profero & iSense Solutions Study: Feminism in digital – controversy or opportunity?

Newsroom | 17/03/2017 | 12:39

Digital agency Profero carried out together with the iSense Solutions consultancy, in the platform Bold, the most up to date study about feminism that feels out the Romanians’ perception in urban area about the gender equality, feminine stereotypes in online and the way the brands should position themselves.

The decision is even more important as half of the consumers are saying that they would rather buy a brand that promotes the equal rights between men and women.

According to the Bold study, 99 percent of the Romanians in urban consider that the main right that the women in Romania have is the freedom of speech, being followed by the right to contraception (97 percent), the one to be considered equal to men (96 percent), the one to have an abortion (84 percent) and the one to foster in public (82 percent).

The education counts very much in promoting the feminism or, out of the contrary, in growing the gender differences. Most of the Romanians consider that the girls in Romania are educated to be modern (90 percent), to express their point of view (85 percent), to fight for what they want (84 percent), to be strong (83 percent), courageous (80 percent), independent (80 percent) and on their own (73 percent), but, at the same time, the same amount of people believe that the girls are taught to take care of their physical aspect (90 percent), to be cautious with what they say in public (71 percent), to cook (67 percent) and to be light in hand (62 percent).

„Following the numerous events and news in the last months on the subject Feminism and with a lot of attention at what can influence the brand strategies right now, we’ve decided that the Women Month is the right moment to answer some essential questions for the Romanian society: do we have Feminism in Romania? How is the movement perceived? What is the woman’s role in our modern society? What is the Romanian brands positioning regarding the subject and how would a real mapping of the feminism perception in the Romanian online? Following the study we surpassed numerous insights into the brands’ influence in the contemporary woman’s perception, the real effect of the brand communication based on the stereotypes of our society, but also the directions in which we can build in the future relevant strategies for our target,” said Adela Preda, Head of Planning, Profero.

When it comes to defining the feminism, the Romanians considers that it implies especially equality in rights (58 percent) and even less are the ones that see it as a preferential treatment for women (19 percent) or as an attitude against the society run by men (13 percent).

The main values associated with feminism by the Romanians are the freedom of speech (70 percent), independence (69 percent), education (56 percent), information (47 percent), passion (45 percent), power (43 percent), sensibility (41 percent) and activism (40 percent). Moreover, the majority would want to find out more about feminism from the websites (78 percent), the social media (70 percent), the TV (69 percent), the print press (67 percent), the blogs (64 percent) and the forums (62 percent). At the same time, significantly more women than men (16 percent vs. 7 percent) are following the blogs with feminine approach.

When it comes to the brands’ positioning towards this subject, 43 percent of the Romanians in urban believe that they should be interested by feminism and are expecting this especially in the fashion (81 percent), health (81 percent), personal care (73 percent), art and culture (59 percent) industries.

The study analyzes and presents the feminine stereotypes in online. More men than women (44 percent vs. 38 percent) would buy from brands that promote the housekeeper stereotype, while more women would buy from brands that promote the mother model stereotype (43 percent). Moreover, the women, in a greater proportion than the men, would stop buying from the brands that promote negative feminine stereotypes such as slutty, gossipy, obedient, etc.

The main promoters of the feminine stereotypes in Romania are considered the celebrities (65 percent), the clothing brands (63 percent), but also the Internet (55 percent), commercials (50 percent) and the classic stories (44 percent).

The study was conducted by the company iSense Solutions in exclusivity for Profero and covers both the qualitative methods (3 mini online communities online with women and men, online interviews with managers from MarCom), but also quantitative (sample with 1,018 respondents in the urban area, aged over 16). The data were harvest online through the Panel and were representative for the urban area. The results of the quantitative study have an error margin of +/-3 percent.

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