Celebrity chef Jakob Hausmann last week hosted a confirmation event at his restaurant Mica Elvetie for the local chapter of the international gastronomic society the Chaine des Rotisseurs. The evening was to mark the society’s endorsement of the venue. It was the third time Mica Elvetie had hosted a members’ gathering. Hausmann has held the title of Maitre Rotisseur since 2009 while from 2010 he has been Consillier Cullinaire and a member of the association’s board for Romania.

The five-course menu for the evening consisted of asparagus soup with foam and vegetable straw, salmon fillet on a bed of warm salad and strawberry balsamic, rhubarb sorbet, and beef fillet in Barolo sauce with celery and Williams pears, with dessert consisting of a trilogy of strawberries. In keeping with the rules of the association, guests were not permitted to smoke or use mobile phones at the table, or to leave the dining area until the end of the meal.

Chaine des Rotisseurs is an international gastronomic society dedicated to bringing together those who share a mutual interest in cuisine, wine and fine dining. Founded in Paris in 1950, it is devoted to promoting fine dining and preserving the camaraderie and pleasures of the table. The Romanian chapter has been in existence since 2009.

The board of directors includes well known members of the local business community, Eva Simone Perauer (Charge de Presse), Steven van Groningen (Argentier), Jean Alain Grumbach (Consillier Gastronomique) and Hausmann (Consillier Cullinaire).

Membership is by invitation only. Most new members join on the recommendation of friends who are already members. Professional members are those who work in the hospitality industry, while others may join as non-professional members.

In related news, Hausmann is also working on plans to open a new location in the center of Bucharest, aimed at a slightly different demographic than the existing Mica Elvetie on Strada Sandu Aldea. “With the opening of this new restaurant we will target a younger audience. The menu will be tailored to this target. But the quality of the food will stay the same. The menu will be changed with the seasons, drawing on fresh ingredients at fair prices,” said the chef.

The new location will be run by Hausmann’s gastronomic consultancy firm, Gastroexpert. The company is currently opening a sister restaurant in Craiova. Through his company, the Swiss has also advised more than 11 other locations including the Alpine Hotel, Clasico, Old Time in Tulcea and Black Tulip. Hausmann has previously opened a franchise in Silistra, Bulgaria.

Mica Elvetie was opened in 1998 and moved to its current location in 2006. Last year, it posted revenue of EUR 35,000. Hausmann, a lifelong fan of the culinary arts, graduated from chef school in Zurich. Since moving to Romania in 1991 he has established himself as a celebrity chef with various media appearances as well as his own TV show, Come On, Let’s Cook (Hai Sa Bucatarim). In 2008 he became a Master in Culinary Art.

Debbie Stowe