Romeo and Juliet returns to the Bucharest National Opera House

Oana Vasiliu | 07/03/2017 | 09:12

“Immortal Romeo and Juliet is the story of a love that takes place in one of the most difficult periods of history, in the Middle Ages. Power, war and religion seem to conspire against purity, simplicity of life and freedom: which side will win? I kept thinking how this story can be told today, not only in terms of choreography. is there this plot available today? Can we explain this type of love to the current generation?”, asked himself Renato Zanella (in picture), the current ballet director of the Bucharest National Opera House.

“I imagined how nowadays Verona, a city that preserves the architecture and splendour of those times, everything happens within the city’s walls. Shakespeare was seeing in these walls the boundary between Heaven and Hell, the beauty and the spirit of the city which truly inspired the writer. But although the city markets no longer have animal fairs and powerful families no longer sword-fighting in the streets, the new company has remained divided and competitive, resembling very much the situation in the times described by renowned playwright”, continues Zanella.

“The competition nowadays refers to a images, sports, luxury from everyone’s life, all these translated as the power and control. This is the actual context in which you have to place the story imagined by Shakespeare in 1597 while preserving key elements of the scenario: innocence and simplicity. It is clear that the characters of our story, Romeo and Juliet, were imagined as strong personalities of educated and intelligent, therefore envy or fear of competition will be unknown for them. Looking someone in their eyes and madly fall in love is what everyone wants. Anyone wants the power of love for this moment of sublime innocence to bring peace and unite people. So my question and challenge for the public  is whether this is the true message Shakespeare wanted to say through this story?,” argues the choreographer.

The sets are created by Alessandro Camera (Italy), costumes by Carla Ricotti (Italy) and light design by Vinicio Cheli (Italy). The conductor will be Tiberiu Soare. Leading roles will be interpreted by Ovidiu Matei Iancu and Cristina Dijmaru for the first performance, and Robert Enache and Mihaela Soare for the second performance.

The premiere will take place on March 10, at 18.30. The event is currently sold out. The second representation will be on March 12, from the same hour.

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