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Blockchain & Artificial intelligence are the two major technologies that lead innovation and change in almost every industry, from automotive to healthcare. The growing use of Blockchain technology in financial services will include a healthy dose of AI as new, automated analytical techniques look for patterns in the “relationship data” about people, contracts and transactions. Blockchain can accelerate AI adoption in the real world by expanding its community, involving more workforce and making datasets accessible not only for tech giants, but also for smaller business. Eventually the question pops up: what happens when they meet? What happens when they stop working off their own steam and instead join forces? Let’s explore the benefits of the synergy between AI & Blockchain

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This is a working agenda, please check back periodically for updates

Day 1 - February 21
Registration & Welcoming Coffee/ Ground Zero Point Gathering
Welcome to MindChain – When Blockchain Meets AI
Opening Track
Keynote Speech (Introduction)
Panel | Blockchain and AI for Enterprises: A Match Made Perfect

Blockchain and AI are the two disruptive technologies that will revolutionize the B2B environment in the upcoming five to ten years. The panel explores the specific advantages of incorporating the two in a company’s business model and the opportunities that arise when Blockchain and AI are used together, as well as the potential pitfalls.

•Advantages and challenges of using Blockchain and AI for business
•How can Blockchain and AI help each other
•Sector-focused examples of products or services that have AI and Blockchain technologies at their core
•Future trends across sectors

Introductory Presentation
Panel | Emerging Use Cases for AI and Blockchain Across Sectors & Society

Blockchain and AI, both together and separately, bring specific benefits to enterprises and to society as a whole. The panel will illustrate specific use cases for the blend of Blockchain and AI across economic sectors, enabling document ownership and digital asset tracking, and at the society level, supporting democratic processes such as voting.

•Benefits of decentralization: How can digitally-born and highly hierarchical companies reap the benefits?
•Use cases for Blockchain and AI across sectors such as healthcare, services, insurance, transportation, retail and more.
•How can Blockchain and AI help society?

Coffee Break & Networking / Ground Zero Point Gathering
Investors Track
Keynote Speech (Finance & Banking)
Individual Presentation (Finance & Banking)
Panel | Finance & Banking in the time of emerging tech – Blockchain, AI & Personalization

A new era of banking and financial services is on the horizon. With the emergence of digital banking and fintech, the sector is facing a massive shift in the way people bank. Advancements in technology, including AI and blockchain, have enabled banks and financial institutions to redefine what banking means to consumers today.

•Banks taking the plunge. How do banks reap the benefits of Blockchain and AI?
•Fintechs making waves. What have they got that banks don’t?
•Companies and banks working with fintechs. The benefits of creating a microecosystem

Individual Presentation (Future of Law)
Panel | Combining Blockchain and AI to make Smart Contracts Smarter: Future of Law

Blockchain, the technology behind smart contracts, and AI are quickly converging. Futurists claim this will produce an entirely new paradigm that forever changes how companies write contracts and conduct business. What changes, though, can we expect?

•What is the real pace of adoption of Blockchain and AI in law?
•Smart contracts enabling automatic transfer of assets: A not-so-distant future?
•Is national and international law keeping up with market developments?
•How will the new technologies transform law practice?
•Digital skills and qualifications for the lawyers of the future

Lunch Break & Networking / Ground Zero Point Gathering
Enterprise Track
Keynote Speech (Future of Energy)
Panel | Blockchain & AI: true disruptors for the Energy industry. Use cases and strategic questions

The panel explores how solutions based on Blockchain and AI are used in the energy sector by traditional providers and startups to become more efficient, agile and cut costs to the customer.

•How and why do large energy providers use Blockchain & AI for new solutions?
•Business models of the startups disrupting the energy market with new technologies.
•What’s in it for the customer? Cost cuts, more transparent product information, information on origin, characteristics and history along the supply chain

Individual Presentation (Future of Food Chain)
Panel | Know your Food: How Blockchain & AI Will Transform Food Security

Blockchain and AI can help tremendously with providing solutions for public sector-led food security policies as well as for businesses operating in the sector. The panel will illustrate the way actors in the field use the two technologies as well as their benefit for the end customer.

•Blockchain as a means to ensure traceability and transparency in the food chain
•Blockchain and AI as a solution for enforcing food security
•Blockchain for better payments: food producers can demonstrate proof of sale instantly using blockchain

Panel | Dr. Robot Will See You Now: AI, Blockchain & the Future of Healthcare

The recent advances in deep learning techniques revolutionized AI and facilitated its application in the healthcare industry. Alongside AI, Blockchain technology is also rapidly gaining popularity as it can help increase security, privacy, and interoperability of health data. These two technologies are remarkably converging with each other and enabling new, previously unthinkable applications in healthcare.

•AI in healthcare enhances Diagnosis processes, Predictive analysis, forecasting, radical personalisation
•Blockchain as a means to make electronic medical records more efficient, disintermediated, and secure
•Are avatars an answer to the healthcare crisis in remote and war-torn areas?
•How do these technologies disrupt healthcare? Practical use cases across healthcare systems
•What do startups bring to the (operating) table?

Individual Presentation (Healthcare)
Panel |The Future of Work: Blockchain and AI Will Transform HR as We Know It

As we increasingly start to share our workload with automated workforce, it is becoming clear that a wave of change is coming our way. Described by many as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the fusion of new technologies, such as Blockchain, AI, ML, and RPA in the work sphere will change everything from recruiting, to the way we interact, to the skills the future human workforce needs to develop. While the revolution, driven by the private sector, is expected to benefit companies and create jobs, it will also trigger displacement and unemployment. That is why the panel will explore the advantages and challenges the adoption of new technologies will bring to the labour market.

•Blockchain can touch four major points in the field of HR: facilitate cross-border payments and ensure mobility, talent sourcing and management, boost productivity, and help with cyber security and fraud prevention
•RPA is expected to free millions of employees from doing repetitive tasks and save millions of work hours
•Automation is expected to create millions of jobs but will also displace those working in services and back-office positions.
•How can the private and public sectors work to mitigate the negative effects of technology adoption?

Individual Presentation (Recruitment & HR)
Coffee Break & Networking / Ground Zero Point Gathering
Society 3.0 Track
Keynote Speech (Future of Society)
Panel | Liquid Democracy: How Blockchain & AI Can Improve the Governance Systems

As it naturally ensures trust and transparency, one of the best use cases for blockchain in the public sector are provided in the area of voting and digitalization of public services. The panel will discuss the advantages offered by Blockchain in developing voting platforms and illustrate specific use cases across Europe and beyond.

•Why implement blockchain-powered voting platforms?
•AI: a friend or foe for democracy? What are the risks of bringing AI into governing decisions
•How does AI & Blockchain currently affect politics and elections and what are the risks and rewards of this new campaigning approach
•Use cases for Blockchain across Europe and beyond

Individual Presentation (Governance Systems)
Panel | Future News: How AI & Blockchain Will Transform Media and Journalism

Blockchain and AI will change the way media, social media and entertainment are created and consumed. AI is increasingly used to analyse and shape content creation, while Blockchain is used by media companies to protect intellectual property rights and also to share a portion of the advertising revenue they collect with individuals that make up a key demographic being targeted by advertisers. At the same time, Blockchain startups are becoming enlisted in the war against ‘fake news.’

•How will Blockchain change the relationship between media and entertainment creators and consumers?
•How is AI changing the way Social Media operates?
•Blockchain startups fighting ‘fake news'

Individual Presentation (Future of Journalism)
Panel | The Future of Education: Can the education system empower the tech savvy workforce of the future?

The advance of AI and Blockchain has highlighted the need for a trained human workforce capable of operating alongside the digital workforce. The panel explores the extent to which the education system answers the need for a specialized workforce and the way the market complements the deficiencies of the education system.

•What is the state of digital education in Romania?
•Who will prepare the tech-savvy workforce of the future?
•Universities developing learning opportunities in collaboration with enterprises

Individual Presentation (Art Forms)
Panel | Technology Meets Creativity. Blockchain and Art: The Market is Here and What You Need to Know

The art world is benefitting from the input of Blockchain startups that help resolve questions of origin, and improve transparency, copyright, and ownership issues. Using a platform and tokens, startups allow art collectors to buy shares in artworks, lowering the barrier to entry. Tokenizing artworks can help investors own shares in famous artworks, as well as modernise the market. The panel will also explore the way the technology is used in the art-making process.

•Have startups using Blockchain-powered solutions identified a true gap in the market?
•How is blockchain used to create art?

MindChain After Party
Welcoming Cocktail
Day 2 - February 22
Registration & Welcoming Coffee/ Ground Zero Point Gathering
Opening Track
Individual Presentation
Individual Presentation
Keynote Speech (Introductory)
Panel |What Doesn't Work: Misuse Cases for AI and Blockchain

While its uses span far and wide, Blockchain technology is not a universal panacea. There are cases where the “old” technology could be used just as easily, or even more easily than blockchain. While ICOs have strong proponents and use cases, they should not be regarded as a ‘cheap money-making machine.’ On the other hand, case studies and reports have shown that AI can become racist or sexist and the industry has yet to find a solution. The panel will touch upon all these angles and discuss possible solutions.

•Are there cases where Blockchain has failed or where existing technologies are better?
•How is the industry responding to the limitations of AI?

Coffee Break & Networking / Ground Zero Point Gathering
Investors Track
Panel | By Our Powers Combined: Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency

While cryptocurrencies have given the best use case for Blockchain technology, AI is bringing its capabilities to the field to create new products and use cases. From AI-powered trading robots to platforms to AI-powered and blockchain-based virtual life assistants to decentralized protocols that let anyone create, share and monetize AI services at scale, there are new products and services emerging for the cryptocurrency markets.

•Can The 'AI Blockchain' Combo Finally Crack the Crypto Market?
•Use cases for Blockchain and AI-powered services and products for the cryptocurrencies market

Panel | Blockchain, AI and the Future of Insurance

The panel will delve into and explore the possibilities offered by Blockchain and AI in the field of insurance.

•What if we combined Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence and rethought the current insurance model, which is archaic and inflexible?
•How to reduce information asymmetry to provide a fairer experience for all participants on a global scale
•How to algorithmically regulate the platform to ensure a very high degree of solvency reliability

Lunch Break & Networking / Ground Zero Point Gathering
Enterprise Track
Panel | Blockchain and AI: A Match Made in the Factory. The future of Manufacturing & Design

In manufacturing, Blockchain can provide the underlying technology to enable the trust between stakeholders and ensure transparency along the supply chain. Moreover, it provides manufacturers with a live dossier of activity logs and more so they can keep tabs on the flow of goods between companies. Not least, it provides predictive analytics in their service and allows manufacturers to proactively repair equipment before it ever breaks down. Alongside this, AI provides predictive maintenance services for production line machinery, and is increasingly used in the design process.

•Practical ways in which Blockchain technology helps manufacturers along the supply chain and with equipment maintenance
•The advantages of using AI-powered generative design software

Panel | Retail for the next billion: Blame AI & Blockchain

The panel illustrates the ways Blockchain and AI will disrupt retail. From Digital Marketing Authentication to Influencer Marketing Contracts to preventing fraud, new use cases are emerging across the sector. Moreover, AI is projected to boost profitability in retail and wholesale by nearly 60 percent by 2035 and provide the biggest impact in the areas of personalization, search and chatbots.

•How are local players reaping the benefits of Blockchain and AI?
•What’s in it for the consumer?

Panel | AI and Blockchain: How They Impact Logistics, Supply Chain and Transportation

Blockchain is expected to revolutionize the way transportation and logistics are run. From allowing for easy coordination of documents on a shared distributed ledger to enabling via smart contracts, quick approvals and customs clearance to reducing processing times for goods at customs checkpoints, the technology is set to change the way the sector functions.

•Examples of use cases for Blockchain technology applications in Transportation and Logistics
•How open are local actors to implementing Blockchain and AI?

Panel | How Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence will reshape Real Estate

In the real estate sector, Blockchain can solve issues such as the presence of intermediaries, the lack of affordable funding options, and fraud. Also, smart contracts can allow buyers to bypass bank fees. The panel will explore the openness of established real estate actors towards these two new technologies and the way startups are disrupting the industry by solving underlying issues. Additionally, AI, via chatbots, can help provide 24/7 assistance to customers and boost sales.

•How open are the local real estate players to these two technologies?
•How do established players innovate?
•Startups disrupting the real estate sector

Coffee Break & Networking / Ground Zero Point Gathering
Society 3.0 Track
Panel | Technology Meets Creativity: Artificial Intelligence and Art Forms

AI provides a medium for artists, who benefit from new means of expression to illustrate their artistic vision. But they are already facing mounting competition from AI artists. Soon, AI could write movie scripts and is already making art. In October 2018, an AI-made portrait was sold for around EUR 300.000 by Christie’s.

•Artists exploring the possibilities offered by AI
•AI-made art

Individual Presentation (Art Forms)
Panel | Towards an ‘Internet of Cities’: AI, Blockchain, IoT & Smart Cities

Although the emergence of new technologies such as Blockchain and AI is driven by enterprises, the ecosystem they create will also spill over to cities and impact the way we live. This panel delves into the possibilities offered by the meeting of Blockchain, AI, IoT and more and the practical solutions they offer for the cities of the future.

•What role do AI and Blockchain play in cities’ technological transformation ?
•How can cities better benefit from the solutions offered by these technologies?

Coffee Break & Networking / Ground Zero Point Gathering
Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is a competition that gives startups, young entrepreneurs and students the opportunity to explore ideas for boosting their enterprise or creating a new one and have the experience of 'pitching' in front of investors and experts. It is also a route they can take to obtain funding and take their business ideas forward. You’ll find that it’s an excellent learning experience and also a bit of fun - and teams have frequently gone on to actually start up their own ventures
This competition itself is based on short verbal ‘pitches’. Individually or as a team, you are invited to develop and present a new venture proposal around one of the following forms:

•a commercial/business start-up
•a social enterprise
•a University spin-out (i.e. with a member of staff in the team)

You won’t have to write down a detailed business plan. However, to support your business case you will obviously need to have investigated the key aspects of your proposed enterprise - e.g. likely size of the market, nature of the competition, costs and financial projections, etc. – which are essential to any business plan.

Dragons’ Den Competition
MindChain After-Party & Dragons's Den Awards
Welcoming Cocktail
Dragons's Den Awards
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